DPWH Engineer in Sultan Kudarat talks about his “SIPAG AT MALASAKIT” working Slogan

SULTAN KUDARAT, Philippines — IF you happen to have a moment with Engr. Alihar A. Mama, chances are he will be proudly sharing to you the concept of “Sipag at Malasakit.” It carries his work-attitude in projecting efficiency, functional and productive work environment.

Engr. Mama is currently the Assistant District Engineer of the DPWH-Sultan Kudarat 1st District Engineering Office (SK1stDEO). He was the Chief of the Maintenance Section of the SK1stDEO for more than five years. On October 21, 2019, DPWH Secretary Mark Villar designated him as “OIC Assistant District Engineer.”

Practicing “Sipag” and “Malasakit”

 Engr. Mama said he started practicing “Sipag at Malasakit” as his working slogan when he was chosen to head the Maintenance Section of the SK1stDEO in 2014. He says he started practicing it after he saw the entire operations of the Maintenance Section.

“Nakita ko kasi na pag hindi ka masipag sa trabaho mo, hindi ka pwede sa Maintenance. Pag wala ka naman malasakit sa trabaho mo, hindi ka pwede sa Maintenance. Malaki kasi ang kontribusyon ng Maintenance Section sa ‘Vision’ at ‘Mission’ ng DPWH,” Engr. Mama said.

By 2030, DPWH is seeing itself to be an effective and efficient government agency improving the lives of every Filipino through providing and managing quality infrastructure facilities and services that are responsive to their needs while pursuing national development objectives.

“Pag tamad ka at wala kang pakialam sa trabaho mo bilang Maintenance personnel, ano ang mangyayari sa national highways? Kaya bawal ang tamad at walang pakialam na mga empleyado sa Maintenance. Pag nasa Maintenance Section ka, kailangan masipag ka at may malasakit sa trabaho mo,” Engr. Mama stressed.

Engr. Mama introduced the concept of “Sipag” (Hardwork) and “Malasakit” (Concern or providing care) to the Maintenance personnel by showing the concrete instance of “leadership-by-example” and applying some “motivational strategies” that indirectly telling them the value of “working hard” and “showing concern” to what they are doing.

He showed positive leadership traits to earn the cooperation, trust, loyalty and respect of the Maintenance personnel. For Engr. Mama, the said leadership traits, like cooperation, trust, loyalty and respect, are the basic ingredients of attaining a productive work environment.

“And it worked,” he stressed. “It got them to be productive, and I like to think it led the Maintenance Section towards productive directions.

The concept of “Sipag” and “Malasakit”

Engr. Mama said he conceptualized his working slogan “Sipag at Malasakit” using “cooperation” as a primary paradigm. For him, cooperation stood as the “principle” of his working slogan.

For Engr. Mama, “Sipag” and “Malasakit” are two inseparable terms in achieving a common goal. It can motivate personnel performance and efficiency. It can improve organizational productivity.

He said the focus of his working slogan is in the personality and work attitude of an employee in the workplace.

“Halimbawa, pag taga-Maintenance Section ka, dapat may initiative ka. Hindi kana dapat sabihan pa kung ano ang gagawin mo. Kapag nakita mo na kailangang gawin, dapat gawin mo. Yan ang ‘Sipag’ na tinatawag,” Engr. Mama said.

Explaining the “Malasakit,” Engr. Mama illustrated a situation to clearly stress his point.

“Halimbawa, empleyado ka ng DPWH tapos may nakita ka na malaking bato na nakaharang sa highway at alam mo na pag hindi nakuha yung bato sa highway magkakaroon ng problema sa ibang dumadaan. Ano ang gagawin mo?” he said.

Engr. Mama said “Malasakit” can be shown by removing the rock.

“Pag kinuha mo yung bato, ibig sabihin may malasakit ka sa ibang tao. By showing ‘malasakit’ to others, it is like showing your good character. If you are a DPWH employee and you show ‘malasakit’ to your job and to others, you are showing the good side of being an employee of DPWH and the humanitarian side of DPWH,” Engr. Mama stressed.

Bigger work environment

Today, being an “OIC” Assistant District Engineer, Engr. Mama brought and applied his working slogan to a bigger work environment. This time, the entire District.

Engr. Mama said the “Sipag at Malasakit” is now the “mantra” of the DPWH-SK1stDEO.

“Sipag and Malasakit are now guiding the District in providing and managing quality infrastructure facilities and services that are responsive to the needs of the people of the first district of the province,” Engr. Mama said. (RAMIL BAJO)

Words by Ramil Bajo


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