Mountain town in Sultan Kudarat province opens its 19th SULOK and 12th COFFEE Festivals

SULTAN KUDARAT, Philippines — The weeklong fiesta celebration of Senator Ninoy Aquino (SNA) town in Sultan Kudarat province is secured by troops from the Philippine National Police (PNP), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and bomb-sniffing dogs from the government’s Explosive Ordinance Division (EOD).

“We are more than ready for the fiesta celebration,” Mayor Randy Ecija Jr., a “habal-habal” driver who became a mayor of SNA, told the DIYARYO MILENYO.


SNA is one of the mountain towns of Sultan Kudarat province. It is known for its world-class caves and exotic waterfalls. It is emerging now as one of the best places in the province to visit if you want to forget the “outside world.”

Last Monday, the SNA opened the weeklong celebration of its 19th SULOK and 12th COFFEE FESTIVALS with local tourists and some journalists who covered the town’s festivity.


Mayor Ecija said the town’s festivity is secured by three platoons from the AFP, sixty policemen from the SNA police station, forty-five CAFGUs, 200 BPATs, two bomb-sniffing dogs and 138 cops from the provincial and regional commands of PNP.

“Mahirap ng magkumpyansa. Mabuti na yung secured,” Mayor Ecija said.

The two festivals are the highlights of the 31st Foundation Anniversary of the SNA on February 17.

Mayor Ecija publicly thanked the security forces for securing the town.

“Thank you for securing us all,” Mayor Ecija said. (RAMIL BAJO)





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1 comment on “Mountain town in Sultan Kudarat province opens its 19th SULOK and 12th COFFEE Festivals

  1. ramil bajo

    happy fiesta to the people of SNA in Sultan Kudarat province…


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