Sultan Kudarat 1st DEO (SK 1st DEO) installs prototype decontamination facility and strictly imposes “no-spray no-entry”.

This decontamination tent in the entrance gate will provide protection for all stakeholders including its employees entering the DPWH office premises as part of the precautionary measures implemented by the Department against the deadly new corona virus 2019. It aims to prevent the entry of coronavirus and the possibility of local transmission among employees and clients in the workplace.

Its installation is the department’s response particularly in SK 1st DEO to the call of the national government mitigating human-to-human transmission of the virus. Aside from installing decontamination tent, the district office also enforces “no-spray no-entry” policy for government vehicles and private cars entering its compound preventing the virus from gaining its entry inside its premises.

Under the said measures, all cars or vehicles are required to undergo misting with solution and none is exempted. As part of DPWH information drive, SK 1st DEO hung a tarpaulin at its entrance gate informing clients on the stricter implementation of its precautionary measures against COVID-19 and humbly asking for obedience. (DPWH-SULTAN KUDARAT 1ST DISTRICT ENGINEERING OFFICE PRESS RELEASE)  

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