DPWH issued health safety guidelines to protect its employees against the threat of COVID-19

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar has issued Department Order No. 34 that enumerates the “guidelines” on “basic personal hygiene, workplace sanitation, and social distancing measures to protect officials and employees and to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 in the workplace pursuant to the national government’s efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus.”

DO 34 is about basic personal hygiene, workplace sanitation, and social distancing measures.


1.    Mandatory wearing of face mask at all times within any establishments.

2.    Thermal scanning and disinfection footbaths.

3.    Twice-a-day monitoring of employees’ body temperature.

4.    Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds upon arriving at works or utilize a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Alcohol and/or hand sanitizers shall be provided in the main lobby and common toilets.

5.    Avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes to reduce virus spread.

6.    Cover mouth and nose with tissue or upper sleeves when sneezing or blowing of nose and immediately wash hands or use hand sanitizers.

7.    Avoid using phones, desks, or other work tools and equipment of other employees.

8.    Use of a common phone is discouraged but if unavoidable in the office sanitize the unit every other use with disinfectant/alcohol placed beside the phone.

9.    Clean and sanitize workspace before leaving office. Frequently touched common surfaces and office equipment such as printers and photocopiers, must be sanitized with disinfectant solutions.

10.  Regular disinfection of office common areas every Saturday.


1.    Sick employees stay at home. Absence form work shall be treated based on CSC Resolution No. 2000362 dated February 20, 2020.

2.    Avoid close contact with co-workers, at least one (1) meter distance.

3.    Face-to-face group meetings are discouraged and instead communicate through e-mails, text messaging and/ or virtual meetings. If unavoidable, conduct physical meetings in well-ventilated spaces and follow social distancing rules and guidelines.

4.    All mass gatherings, such as trainings, flag ceremonies and non-essential inspections/travels are deferred. E-learning and other online training methodologies shall be allowed.

5.    Wifi or internet connection will be provided for each office in the central office.

6.    Employees are encouraged to bring own lunch and/or snacks and utensils. Office canteens are closed until further notice.

7.    Employees may eat lunch at their respective desks or at the pantry but with due observance to social distancing rules.

8.    Visitors must have confirmed appointments with concerned DPWH unit and will be advised to accomplish an online health form one day before going.

9.    No unnecessary visitors in the workplace. DPWH reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors without confirmed appointments, with non-essential purpose, or those that can be addressed through phone or e-mail. The security personnel in the main reception area, lobby shall first confirm the appointment or visit with the concerned office.

10.  Security personnel are responsible in ensuring stringent social distancing measure are followed especially in waiting areas, lobbies, and similar places where people gather.

11.  Central office elevators will have maximum occupancy of four (4) people per trip and maintaining a distance of two (2) feet apart, facing away from each other. The elevators will service 4th and 5th floors to avoid many floor stops and minimize crowding, except in favor of senior citizens, pregnant women, and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), who shall be given preference in the use.

12.  Employee shuttle service will operate under 50% bus capacity with no standing in aisle to allow safe distancing.

13.  For the shuttle bus service, preference shall be given to senior citizens, pregnant women and PWD employees. Employees with private cars and issued government vehicles may carpool with fellow employees provide that safe distancing is observed. Bureau of Equipment shall provide additional shuttle bus routes in the central office.

14.  In the adoption of alternative work arrangements, offices are guided by CSC Resolution No. 2000540 promulgated on May 7, 2020.


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