PHOTO NEWS: Friends wish LYKA GOPITEO “Happy Birthday”

KORONADAL CITY, Phippines — She never thought her “best” of “friends” forgot the most important day of her life — that is her birthday. But her friends did not.

May 14 is the day where Lyka Gopiteo was born. She’s the daughter of a prominent family in Koronadal City.

“Lyka is so sweet and very mabait. Her parents too. They are down-to-earth people. We are blessed that we became friends,” Joanna Caspillo told The DIYARYO MILENYO via her messenger.

Lyka’s other friends (ELIJAH, JAYSON, RHEA, CHARLIEN, KRIZZA, , Jayson, Rhea, JENNIFER, RAVEN, LOISA, LOURRIE, RIANNE, ELUID, REYMART, GAYLE, JASPER,.KENNETH AND JORDAN) also expressed good wishes for her birthday via their FB mesenger.

All of them wished her “Happy Birthday” yesterday evening. (ELIJAH N. BAJO via MINDANAO DESK)

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