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PHOTO NEW: Moro leader remembers “great grandmother” during Ramadhan festivity

COLUMBIO, Sultan Kudarat — Councilor Datu Zahir Mamalinta here proudly told netizens about an “old recipe” handed down to them by his “great grandmother.”
In a post in his official FB account, Datu Zahir said “dudul” is one of the foods he  prepared on “Eid’l Ftr 2020,” the last day of Ramadhan this year.

“It’s an old recipe handed down (to us) by our late great grandmother BAI LINILANG T. MANGELEN,” Datu Zahir said.
Bai Linilang T. Mangelen was the “founding” and “undisputed 2-decade Municipal Mayor of the Municipality of Lutayan, Province of Sultan Kudarat.”

Datu Zahir is the son of the late PNP General Akmad Mamalinta and Bai Naila Mamalinta, the incumbent ABC chair of Columbio town. (RASHID RH. BAJO via MINDANAO DESK/PHOTO CREDIT TO DATU ZAHIR MAMALINTA)

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