PHOTO NEWS: National Press Club helps Massacre victims’ son to graduate in college through its scholarship program

SULTAN KUDARAT, Philippines — A family member of one of the victims of Maguindanao massacre will soon receive his college degree through the scholarship program of the National Press Club (NPC), the country’s biggest organization of active print and broadcast journalists.

“Mag-graduate na sa college sa isang University sa Davao City  ang anak ni Mr. Andy Teodoro. He is a scholar of NPC,” Rose Tamayo, an officer of NPC for Mindanao Affairs, said in a text message sent to The DIYARYO MILENYO today.

Mr. Andy Teodoro was one of the local journalists killed in Maguindanao massacre several years ago.

Ms. Tamayo said granting scholarship to the siblings of the massacre victims is one of the programs initiated by the NPC to the members of the press.

She also said that the NPC is also offering scholarship to its members who want to finish their tertiary education and post-graduate degrees, like masteral and law studies.

Ms. Tamayo was in Region 12 two weeks ago where she distributed “food assistance” to the working media based in the provinces of Sarangani, Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato. (RAMIL H. BAJO via MINDANAO DESK)

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