COVID 19 and the 3C’s; Chaos, Collaboration, Change

The COVID-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly created chaos within and among governments, in the workplace and sadly, even in our homes! This is a normal reaction when there is abrupt change, as in the case of the pandemic. It is not something that is easily accepted. There will always be individuals against, for or even indifferent about any idea. When human lives, jobs and the economy are at stake, the turmoil gets even worse.

On the other hand, the same crisis that we are facing has also strengthened collaboration among governments, business groups and various individuals. Differences were set aside because there is only one enemy –  THE PANDEMIC. We are certain that if earlier generations have survived their version of the pandemic, then so can we!

This is the #newnormal. Mother Nature has improved. Industries and business models are changing. Digitization is at its peak.

Looking back for less than a month, these have been the changes that will, in time, be a trip down memory lane.

  1. Malaysia’s Queen cooking for frontliners
  2. Global Brands making “social distancing” logos
  3. Architects and Engineers transforming shipping containers into emergency hospitals
  4. Rehiring of laid off workers to meet online surge in orders
  5. Migrants and asylum-seekers given full citizenship
  6. Free online consultations by volunteer doctors
  7. Rolling food stores deployed in various areas
  8. Malasakit kitchen for frontliners
  9. Farm produce becoming more essential
  10. Bailing out of arrested protesters
  11. Teaming up of rivals
  12. Elected officials donating salaries to support hospitals
  13. Removal of “sign-up” meetings for online meetings
  14. Acceleration of banks’ digital plans
  15. Industries that are profiting and industries that are struggling
  16. Schools shortening semesters, giving refunds and passing marks
  17. Cancellation of events
  18. Robots replacing students during graduation
  19. Comeback of processed foods and demand of hair dye
  20. Transformation from restaurants to grocery stores
  21. “Secret” recipes shared by big brands
  22. Startup opportunities in spite of the pandemic
  23. Virtual blessing of couples
  24. Ensuring mental well-being
  25. Shift from traditional to digital business

The list will go on and on. But do we really have a choice? No. We need to embrace and adapt to change.

As Charles Darwin once said,

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”


DIYARYO MILENYO is a free and independent online media outfit that publishes events happening in the local communities and current issues that matter to the public with local, national and global implications. DIYARYO MILENYO is composed of volunteer journalists and community writers scattered in various parts of the Philippines. They report the news right and where it happens. It adheres to the standards and ethics of journalism. It imposes strict rules against attacking someone. Strictly adhering to publish good news only.

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