Mediterranean inspired Hotel and Spa in Batangas

Have you seen a castle-like accommodation in Nasugbu, Batangas? You heard it right! It’s because of the building’s exterior appearance. It has a two staircase outside facing each other that will lead you to the main lobby and beach access.

To get there, you need to travel for almost 3 hours approximately 116 kilometres away from Cubao, Quezon City. When you get there, a 305 sqm lot area of the resort will give you the freedom to play outside with friends and family, and this is also recommended for team buildings and other occasions.

The South China sea surrounds the entire resort and the white sand is comfortably sleeping in the long stretch of the beach walk.

As you enter the resort premises, a spacious parking lot will welcome you. The resort is also a perfect venue for team building, so buses and shuttle services can safely park.

The main lobby has a lounge area where you can have a cup of coffee, read a newspaper, chat with family and friends, or have a seat while waiting for your room assignment.

A miniature will give you a glimpse of the whole building of the resort.
Near the beach, a word CANYON COVE will invite you to take a souvenir picture, and it’s unlimited.


Canyon Cove is known in having an Inflatable island playground where kids will love it! The vast pool is facing the beach where you can stay and relax for a while, enjoying the beautiful sceneries and make friends too. A giant ball is also waiting for those who wanted to play outside and bask in the sun. An air-conditioned function room is also available to perfect for conference, meetings and parties.


Crystal clear water, of course! Considerable rocks to climb in, school of fish, and a small cave!

Greener mountain brings foggy morning every day, and it’s beautiful and relaxing.

Who loves art? Sunrise? Sunset? This is the most romantic scene everyone is waiting for.

These pictures will show you that there is a Creator behind it.
Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures.


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