As we go back to the workplace, we start to see the world, trying to pretend as if nothing happened. Traffic is still there but now, we feel that there is more concern and safety precautions are in place, because after all, we are still battling this invisible enemy out there, that is, COVID19.

People are getting their first haircut after 2-3 months, there are long queues in the bank to settle bills while temperature checks and disinfectants are provided in malls and other establishments. But this time, everyone is wearing a mask or a face shield and is definitely following social distancing measures.

These are just some of the noticeable observations during the GCQ or general community quarantine. Yet, beneath all these are three underlying circumstances: hope amidst sorrow, collaboration amidst disparity and faith amidst uncertainty.

Hope amidst sorrow

It is a fact that many have lost their lives during this pandemic. Not being able to personally see a loved one during sickness until death is the hardest feeling ever. Yet, there are families out there who see the other side of the coin. Instead of focusing on the last “digital” moments of their loved ones towards death and even as they mourn, their attention is centered on the happy moments with their loved ones. It’s definitely easier said than done, but they know that their loved ones are watching over them and would want the best for them too. After all, there is a lot of hope and opportunity that await them in the coming years.

Collaboration amidst disparity

Today, competition is a word that is slowly fading away. Disparities have long been present across groups, but this is the time when collaboration among former and even present contenders have been set aside. Alliances have been formed in support of industries and businesses that need utmost help just to survive. The economic and financial challenges that the country and entities are facing are too difficult to handle alone. During this particular point in time, as Helen Keller once said, “alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” Likewise, in the words of Napoleon Hill, “it is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Faith amidst uncertainty

Uncertainty is around us, be it in terms of the economy, employment, finances and most especially our physical health. This is why mental and emotional health are also important medical considerations not just at home but in the workplace. What ifs and worst-case scenarios are in our minds every moment and every single day. Some say that only when the vaccine has been developed will everything be back to normal.

For now, the best route is to allow ourselves to feel the uncertainty. Focus on the present moment, do the tasks we have been set to do, whether as an employee, student or business owner. Try to let go of the what-ifs and fear in our minds. Be thankful of the opportunity to live, eat, sleep at home. Instead, work and face each day with strength, positivity and Faith in Him.

Yes, we are now turning into frontliners too. COVID19 is teaching us how to live amidst uncertainty. As such, it is our duty to take care of ourselves and follow strict protocols, so that we can, in turn, go back home to our families safely, help our businesses survive and possibly extend a hand to help others too. (By DORELENE V. DIMAUNAHAN, MScM, CFE, CMA, CHRP)

DIYARYO MILENYO is a free and independent online media outfit that publishes events happening in the local communities and current issues that matter to the public with local, national and global implications. DIYARYO MILENYO is composed of volunteer journalists and community writers scattered in various parts of the Philippines. They report the news right and where it happens. It adheres to the standards and ethics of journalism. It imposes strict rules against attacking someone. Strictly adhering to publish good news only.


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