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Dreaming a dream, and making it come true.

Doing the kind of job she dream of as a child makes Dynes Regner truly fortunate.  Some would call it luck but she works so hard for be where she is now, an experienced marketing leader with over 24 years in the business.

It was almost lunch when we started doing the interview,  dressed in her red pants and black top, wearing her signature smile that lets you feel comfortable. She’ beaming with pride as she talk to us about how her career started. She said her first job was an artist at DQ Design Studio and she recalls she was the only lady in the group, it did not made her quit but it made her strive to be better than them. After that she work at Lowe Lintas (now MullenLowe) for more than 5 years. She enjoyed every seconds of working there and learned a lot about creatives, brand and account management. It moulded her character into something polished and good. She learned to walk the talk.

She is currently the Managing Director of A&D Dynamic Instyle and works as PR & Marketing Consultant for JLC for Regroe, Dermclinic and Rene Mouris

She later joined a power company as Project Manager, handling their research and development, at the same time managing a special project, an online portal it was that early when she started exploring digital marketing in 2000.

After that she went back to advertising and work as Sr. Account Manager for Campaigns Cebu handling their biggest accounts Julies Bakeshop, Vino Kulafu, SM (Cebu & Bacolod) and Bambi of AD Gothong. Dynes joined Campaigns Cebu for 3 wonderful years focusing on account management, campaign execution and client development. At Camp she learned that she needs to be everything rolled in one. “I know I need to be a good copywriter, I should also be a good artist and my client must love how I work, so they’ll come back for more”.

After her stint in Campaigns she went to work with Creative Point a subsidiary of Hill & Knowlton New York handling public relations with accounts like Maynilad, MNTC and BCDA.

She promised her Nanay she’ll have her face on magazine and newspaper

It was a client from Cebu who made her turned her anchor to retail marketing and worked as Marketing Manager for Van Heusen and IZOD for almost three years, this is where she got her strength in retail marketing, local store marketing, sales training and managing after sales strategy.

In the start of 2009 that she decided to moved to Richwell Trading and briefly worked as Brand Manager after giving birth to her youngest child taking Polly Pocket, Crayola, Fisher Price and Ollie for her accounts. 

When a good offer from Cole Haan knocked on her door and she grabbed the chance to work as Marketing Head for Asia Pacific. It was a good 3 years handing footwear brands this time, the likes of Somnio, GBX and Cole Haan.

With Dioceldo Sy of Ever Bilena contract signing for Rene Mouris

It is where she developed her strength in pr, creatives, merchandising, media and retail marketing.

She resigned and signed up with Skechers Philippines. But had to cut it short and transfer to Western Marketing as Head for Visual and Marketing. She enjoyed the thrill of hopping from one city to another  checking on her stores, monitoring her promotions and suppliers in-store activities.  She spearheaded a program that would increase marketing income from its supplier by creating matrix for every store. She was part of the team that plays an important role in the expansion plan and she also enhanced their loyalty and supplier-relations program. She had a productive two and a half years working with them.

Dynes joined Vibrant Instyle in 2014 as Creative Director. She is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of the company. In addition to the business development efforts,  she directs media relations, branding, advertising, digital marketing and pr. She also manages and oversees sponsorships, events, charitable projects, marketing, training and more.

She was part of the group that created  F Magazine  for FDAP as their Editor-in-chief. She then published and helped put up another lifestyle magazine “MME (Music, Magic and Entertainment). It is through her effort that the book “FRICH OFW Free and Rich Life” with Terrence and Tet Cudiamat-Lim with foreword from Francis Kong was published.  It was February 2020 when she started working with Yellow Boat Foundation for their children’s book entitled “The Tides of the Sea” when covid-19  put it on hold.

It was in Vibrant that she was able to organised several fashion shows for Marco Polo Hotel featuring Filipino designers such as the late Arnold Galang, Delbi Bragais.  Ulysses King, Claiza Bihasa-Uy among others.  She handled 9 legs across the country for Paddles Up (dragon boat) for Solar Sports.

She is the woman behind Power & Play with Kom Noli Eala handling its marketing and creatives aired weekly on Saturday morning at TV5 broadcast simultaneously at 92.3 FM.

Helping advocate Yellow Boat Foundation with Jayr and Kris Lawrence, Solomon Cu, Dr. Anton Lim and Al Aranilla

Currently she owns her own agency that specialises in publication, pr, media planning . events, digital marketing and campaign execution. Her mission is to help brands who are eager to create a campaign but are adamant because of budget constraints.  She promised to give them a hand and make it perfect as much as she can, using all the sparks she learned from her extensive experience.

She also juggles her time working as marketing consultant for Zuri Trading the local distributor of Rene Mouris.

It was a life full of dreams that came true…a life not free of challenges but Dynes went on, not minding the many bumps along the way, she is determined to achieve it and yes she did. Her dream is to have a beautiful and fulfilling career, a promise she made to her Nanay when she was still alive. It was never an easy road but she was able to make it with lots of hard work, determination and grace from above! She always love what Thomas Jefferson once said “I’m a greater believer on luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”  “My life has always been a  combination of luck and hard work,” she ended with a smile./DM


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