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SEC Advisories: AGMC, RBCS and PhilHelp

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued another set of advisories against several entities soliciting investments from the public without the necessary licenses.

The Achievers Golden Marketing and Consulting’s (AGMC), headed by its President and owner Mr. ARNEL T. ARATIA, operates at different office addresses. One of which is located at 2nd Floor Room 2 Valencia Corporate Center Arellano Street, Davao City. 

AGMC offers a CASH BACK GUARANTEE PROGRAM wherein one   may   invest   a minimum   amount   of   Php5,000.00   to   as   high   as Php1,000,000.00 and promises a return of as much as 1% daily or 30% monthly for a period of 180 days. AGMC claims that it is engaged in crowdfunding services where all trader affiliates who do not have a comprehensive knowledge about multi trading and don’t like to venture into direct trading are open to ride or join its services.

Raging Business Consultancy Services (RBCS) entices the public by recruiting them to become their business partner through its so-called fund accumulator program with a guaranteed return of 1% per day or 30% per month depending on the capital shared, i.e. minimum of Php5,000 to Php1,000,000 for the contract period of 12 months or 360 days.

Philhelp Administration of Financial Marketing/Philhelp International Lending Corporation (“PhilHelp”) solicits investments through the pooling of funds from  various “lenders” to  accommodate  the  intended  loan  amounts of  the  borrowers, where  the lenders earn  interest just  by  placement  of  money,  involves  the  offering  and sale of securities in the form of investment contracts.

We are reminding the public to exercise caution when dealing with individuals or groups soliciting investments for and on their behalf:  

1.     Achievers Golden Marketing and Consulting (AGMC) and Achievers Golden Holdings, Inc. (AGHI)

2.     Raging Business Consultancy Services (RBCS)

3.     Philhelp Administration of Financial Marketing/Philhelp International Lending Corporation (“PhilHelp”) 

For the complete list of advisories, you may visit

We hope you can help us warn the investing public. 

Should the public have any information regarding any investment solicitation by any individuals or group of individuals representing these entities, you may send your report to

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