City Councilor Maylene Bascon-De Guzman says had “fun” with 1,540 inmates of SoCot provincial jail

KORONADAL CITY, Philippines –– A “friendly, respectful and disciplined” may not be the description of others about the inmates of the South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center (SCRDC), or popularly known as “provincial jail,” where it holds a total of 1,540 inmates.

But it was the impression of Councilor Maylene Bascon-De Guzman of Koronadal City, who visited yesterday (Oct. 26) the SCRDC to “share fun moments” with the inmates while they are celebrating the 33rd Prison Awareness Week.”

De Guzman, who is popularly known here as “Konsehal Maylene,” was a former “Lakambini of Koronadal” winner way back several years ago. She is a farmer’s daughter who got her college degree by “working while studying.”

The beauty queen-turned-public servant, Konsehal Maylene, enthused about her prison visit as a “wonderful and happy experience” posted in her social media account.

“They were very respectful and disciplined. I had fun moments with them during my visit there,” Konsehal Maylene told The DIYARYO MILENYO in a messenger interview yesterday. (RASHID RH. BAJO)


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