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Tourism Office grants Lola Fem Farm’s request to operate as a new eco-tourist destination in Sultan Kudarat province

SENATOR NINOY AQUINO, Sultan Kudarat (Region 12) — The Sultan Kudarat Tourism Services has granted the application of Lola Fem Farm to operate as a resort in Senator Ninoy Aquino town in Sultan Kudarat province.

Lola Fem resort, a newest tourist destination located in Barangay Tinalon of this town, is owned by a retired government employee Mrs. Eufemia Ecija, who served the town as its registered midwife.

Datu Yahiya G. Sinenggayan, REB, officer-in-charge of the Sultan Kudarat Tourism Services, said the provincial government issued the certificate to operate as an “eco-tourist destination” to Lola Fem Farm after it has been “found compliant to all the requirements set forth for the operation of a tourist establishment.”

The issuance of the certificate to Lola Fem Farm is pursuant to Section 4 of the Executive Order No. 48.

Sinenggayan said it is now authorized “to accommodate guests and/or visitors subject to the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) omnibus guidelines on the implementation of community quarantine and other legal issuances applicable to the area where the business establishment is situated.”

However, Sinenggayan said, it “shall also continuously comply with the restrictions and requirements provided in the guidelines for the issuance of certificate of authority to operate by Sultan Kudarat Tourism Office.”

The management of Lola Fem Farm thanked the provincial tourism office for granting their application to operate as a resort. (RASHID RH. BAJO/Photo credit to Ritzelle Ecija Eugenio)

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