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Radyo ni Juan in Tacurong City launches its “aces” celebrating first year anniversary today

TACURONG CITY (Region 12), Philippines — When Radyo ni Juan DXRA 88.3 FM began as neophyte radio station in Tacurong City twelve months ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that it would eventually become one of the most listened radio stations here today.

Operating in Barangay Grino of this city, the Radyo ni Juan having the tagline “Ang Radyong for every Juan” captured a bigger space in airtime. It became one of radio station’s “most listened” not only in Tacurong City but also in the entire Central Mindanao region.

Today, deemed now as one of the effective media platforms, the Radyo ni Juan is celebrating its first year foundation anniversary with simple celebration. It remembers its struggle to get a place to the hearts and minds of the listening public.    

“Aces of Radyo ni Juan”

Today, November 18, 2020, Radyo ni Juan launches the “Punto Por Punto” (POINT BY POINT) and “Tinig ng Bayan” (VOICE OF THE NATION) as its “aces” in scaling to greater heights in the future.

The PUNTO POR PUNTO is a hard-hitting commentary program hosted both by Mr. Eric Dugaduga and Mr. Jaynards Angeles, the station manager of Radyo ni Juan in Tacurong City. It airs from Monday to Friday (8:30-9:30 AM).

Mr. Duga-Duga, known here as the “youngest” radio commentator, reportedly receiving several “death threats” because of his fearless commentaries on topics involving alleged corruptions and misconduct of public officials.

Mr. Angeles, who anchored the Tinig ng Bayan commentary program every morning from 7:00-8:00 AM, held managerial positions of several radio stations operating in Mindanao before he joined Radyo ni Juan last year as reporter. He is publisher of the defunct local newspaper Diyaryo ng Bayan operating in Central Mindanao region.

Like Mr. Dugaduga, Mr. Angeles is also “fearless” in his commentaries, hitting several public officials on alleged misconduct and questionable acts.

Mr. Angeles said the Radyo ni Juan will continue its commitment to be the voice of those who do not have the voice to air their grievances and will continuously serve as the instrument to shake the wrongdoings of those “mga pasaway sa gobyerno”.

“Radyo ni Juan adheres to fair commentary and balance reporting,” Mr. Angeles told The DIYARYO MILENYO in a messenger interview today.

Mr. Angeles said the Radyo ni Juan is “very thankful” to its thousands of listeners for supporting the station in its quest “to bring out the truth no matter what.” (RASHID RH. BAJO via Mindanao Desk)

DIYARYO MILENYO is a free and independent online media outfit that publishes events happening in the local communities and current issues that matter to the public with local, national and global implications. DIYARYO MILENYO is composed of volunteer journalists and community writers scattered in various parts of the Philippines. They report the news right and where it happens. It adheres to the standards and ethics of journalism. It imposes strict rules against attacking someone. Strictly adhering to publish good news only.

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