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Shoot for a cause: Shooters join shoot game to help improve the Sultan Kudarat’s reservist camp

ISULAN, Sultan Kudarat — Practical shooters are not just for shooting games, they also shoot to help improve the Army’s 1202nd Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion (RRIBn) camp in Isulan, the capital town of Sultan Kudarat province.

Tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 28), dozens of practical shooters will converge inside the compound of Pax Wali Shooting Range in Barangay Kalandagan in Tacurong City to participate in the “1st Major Alihar A. Mama, PA (RES) 1202 RRIBN Proficiency Shootfest, PSMOC SANCTIONED MATCH, Level 1”.

Major Mama, who is an engineer by-profession, is currently the battalion’s administrative officer. He was personally handpicked by 1202nd RRIBn commanding-officer Lieutenant Colonel Suharto “TENG” Mangudadatu, who is also the incumbent governor of the province, to head the battalion’s administrative post.

Major Mama said the proceeds of the shoot game will be spent on improving 1202nd RRIBn camp, which is located near the administrative building and training ground of the 12th Regional Community Defense Group (RCDG) in Isulan.

Shooting enthusiast Mayor Randy Ecija Jr. of Senator Ninoy Aquino town in Sultan Kudarat is reportedly one of the shooters who responded to the invitation. (RASHID RH. BAJO)

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