PRESS RELEASE I South Cotabato Police Provincial Police Office (SCPPO)- Five(5) armed members of the terror group CPP/NPA were killed early morning of December 2,2020 at the far-flung Sitio Kibang, Brgy Ned Lake Sebu, South Cotabato when they fired shots against government forces.

In a high-risk law enforcement operation staged by the Police Regional Office -12 (PRO-12) under the direct command of Regional Director PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA, and through the direct supervision of the Provincial Director of South Cotabato Police Provincial Office PCOL JEMUEL F SIASON, teams from Lake Sebu Municipal Police Station, 2nd South Cotabato Provincial Mobile Force Company, Provincial Intelligence Branch, in coordination with the Armed Forces of the Philippines thru its 5th Special Forces Battalion, went to Sitio Kibang at around 4:35 in the morning of December 2,2020 purposely to serve Warrant of Arrest against BERNIE CANYON alyas “Delmar” and several others who are members of the CTG/CNT Guerrilla Front 53 (GF 53) of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC).

While the troops are approaching the target area, they were fired upon by the suspects using undetermined firearms. With having no other option but to defend themselves, the government troops retaliated which resulted in an armed encounter.

The exchange of fire resulted in the death of BERNIE CANYON alyas “ Delmar”, Commander, Ordnance Platoon, GF53, SMRC; ROGELIO MAGSAYA alyas “Sarge”/Delio, Vice Commander, Pulang Bagani Command, SMRC; ROMEO HEBRON alyas “Frank/Melvin, Head, Regional Ordnance, SMRC; alyas “KA MERCY”, SMRC wife of a certain “Dulce” and alyas “MCKOY”, member of FSG, SMRC.

All of the suspects were listed in the Periodic Status Report (PSR) of the Joint AFP-PNP Intelligence Committee (JAPIC) confirming their membership with CPP-NPA operating in Southern Mindanao. They are all wanted with Warrants of Arrests for the crime of Murder, Frustrated Murder, Attempted Murder and Harassment.Recovered at the encounter site were one(1) cal 5.56 M-16 Rifle, one(1) Carbine Rifle, one(1) cal.45 pistol, one (1) cal.40 pistol, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and components, and subversive documents.

“With this recent incident, we are once again moving closer to end the local communist insurgency in the Philippines. It is also our strong gesture of support to Pres. RODRIGO R DUTERTE’s Executive Order 70 aims to End Local Communist Armed Conflict. We may mourn for their demise but we will never tolerate terrorism to flourish that had already infested us for decades and destroyed the dreams of our fellowmen”.

PCOL SIASON remarked. ”My command will always stand behind the able leadership of PBGEN DUBRIA as our Regional Director who is serious in keeping the entire region safe.” PCOL SIASON added. (PRESS RELEASE)

DIYARYO MILENYO is a free and independent online media outfit that publishes events happening in the local communities and current issues that matter to the public with local, national and global implications. DIYARYO MILENYO is composed of volunteer journalists and community writers scattered in various parts of the Philippines. They report the news right and where it happens. It adheres to the standards and ethics of journalism. It imposes strict rules against attacking someone. Strictly adhering to publish good news only.


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