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Tacurong City CENRO partners with DPWH First District Engineering Office in beautifying the city’s national highway

TACURONG CITY, Philippines — The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) here said it partnered with the First District Engineering Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in beautifying the city’s national highways by planting trees that produce beautiful flowers.

Jun Garigaba, head of the CENRO-Tacurong City, said the partnership will boost the city government’s eco-tourism and environmental preservation program, the DPWH highway beautification effort and the national government’s greening program.

In a tree planting activity, the CENRO personnel and the DPWH-First District Engineering Office road workers jointly planted fifty (50) freshly grown “Palawan Cherry,” scientifically known as “Casia Nodosa,” on both roadsides along the city’s national highway.

The Palawan Cherry, locally known as “Balayong”, is the country’s endemic tree that produces light pink flowers similar to Japan. It has the capacity to absorb air pollutants and excess rainwater. It usually flowers when the rainy season starts.

Both the DPWH and the CENRO will watch and nurture the planted Palawan Cherry small trees while on its growing stages.

Garigaba thanked the DPWH for its cooperation and support to the city’s clean and green program. (ABDUL CAMPUA)

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