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Mayor Bai Bong A. Ampatuan leads inauguration of LGU-Datu Hoffer town hall in Maguindanao province

BARMM, Philippines — Mayor Bai Bong M. Ampatuan has led the inauguration of LGU-Datu Hoffer’s newly-completed 2-storey municipal hall located on top of a hill, reportedly overviewing several Maguindanao towns.

The LGU-Datu Hoffer is one of the 36 municipalities of Maguindanao province. It is located in the 2nd congressional district of the province and composed of 11 barangays carved out from the towns of Shariff Aguak and Datu Unsay.

Mayor Ampatuan was joined by her daughter Vice Mayor Bai Nor Aila Kristina M. Ampatuan during the ceremonial ribbon cutting of the town hall held on Thursday (Jan. 7) morning.

The so-called “historic” event was witnessed by Sangguniang-Bayan (SB) members, department heads, PNP and AFP troops, employees, guests from government agencies and journalists covering the event.

After the ceremony, Mayor Ampatuan, together with the vice mayor and SB members, toured the journalists to the first and second floors of the municipal hall.

Cotabato City-based print-media journalist Ms. Rowena Guttierez was amazed after personally seeing the entirety of the hall.

“Maganda siya na municipal hall building pagdating sa design sa loob at labas,” Ms. Guttierez told Diyaryo Milenyo in a messenger interview today.

In a press conference with journalists from provinces of Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat and cities of Cotabato and Tacurong, Mayor Ampatuan described the inauguration of their town hall as “a dream come true for the people of Datu Hoffer.”

“Matagal na kaming nangarap na magkaroon ng ganitong munisipyo. Thanks to ALLAH (SWT) for fulfilling it,” Mayor Ampatuan told reporters. (RASHID RH. BAJO/Photo credit to LGU-Datu Hoffer)

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