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Engr. Alihar Mama gives “bronze-made bonzai” as a “gift” of appreciation to a presidential commissioner for visiting him

ISULAN, Sultan Kudarat (R12) –– Like at first sight! The first time set his eyes on a bronze-made “bonzai,” Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) Commissioner Randy H. Halasan knew that he liked it, and he wishes to bring it with him.

“Ang ganda niya tignan,” said Halasan, who will lead the turning-over of “livelihood packages” for urban poor in Isulan and Tacurong City of Sultan Kudarat province today.

Halasan said everytime he sets his eyes on it, he’s seeing a “very beautiful princess” staring at him. That’s why he wished it to bring with him back to Manila.

His wish was granted!

Engr. Mama happily told Halasan that he will give it to him the squared glass-covered bonzai as a “gift” for a newly-found “good friend.”

When Halasan received it, he shouted “yahoo,” indicating his joy for granting his wish.

“Masaya siya masyado ng matanggap niya,” Engr. Mama said. “Masaya din ako dahil may napasaya ako na isang bagong kaibigan.”

Engr. Mama said it’s an honor for him to be visited by a presidential commissioner.

Halasan left the office of Engr. Mama with smile on his face and joy in his heart.       

Early morning today (Tuesday, Feb. 2), Halasan, reportedly accompanied by PCUP’s area coordinator for Sultan Kudarat province Ms. Phyllis Daswani, took side steps to the office of the DPWH-Sultan Kudarat 1st District Engineering Office (SK 1st DEO) Assistant District Engineer Alihar Abdullah Mama in Isulan, the capital town of Sultan Kudarat province.

Ms. Daswani introduced Halasan to Engr. Mama after the two shook hands inside his office.

They met Engr. Mama after paying a courtesy visit to the office of District Engineer Amer T. Pundag, MPA earlier that day. (RASHID RH. BAJO/Photo credit to Ms. Jescel Baltazar)


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