San Pedro City launches community care projects to prove that love beautifies persons, places and causes.

LAGUNA, Philippines — As envisioned by Mayor Lourdes Cataquiz and the City Tourism, Art and Culture Office, this year’s arts and culture fest takes on the celebration theme “ALAB SINING, ALAY SIGLA”.

Envisioned to “provide opportunities for harnessing artists’ creative energies in uplifting the nation’s spirit as well as conserve, promote, and popularize Filipinos’ artistic creations; integrate the arts in community” will feature exciting, colorful and engaging art exhibits, live art sessions, musical performances and competitions from February 15 to 28 are all set to regale the city folks.

From February to September, animal lovers can take advantage of the free anti rabies vaccination, an annual project of the City Veterinary Office. Residents may look up the schedule in their barangay offices or visit the city FB page.

Clamors for free neutering and spaying procedures are gaining ground in order to manage stray dogs and cats.

For love of health, the City Agriculture Office, headed by Engr. King Layola, has tilled the soil for the San Pedro organic vegetable garden in Pacita 7B. Nutritious, chemical free veggies are expected to provide the healthier alternatives.

Organic farming or simple gardening seems to be gaining ground in the city, as empty lots have been turning green with veggie or ornamentals. Stay at home folks have turned into plantinizens, an upside during the pandemic months. (By Maria Suzette Defensor)

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