Minister Sinarimbo praises highway patrol enforcers for helping BAR in preventing spread of COVID–19


BANGSAMORO AUTONOMOUS REGION [BAR] –– Bangsamoro Local Government Minister Naguib Sinarimbo of this region is tooting the trumpet to the tune of praise for members of the Regional Highway Patrol Unit [RHPU] for helping the regional government in its effort to neutralize the presence of COVID–19.

In a report posted today [April 16, 2021] by Arangkada Balita, it said that Minister Sinarimbo, who is also the chairman of the PNP Regional Advisory Council of BAR, thanked the members of the RHPU for their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID–19 in various parts of the region.

Members of the RHPU-BAR are reportedly distributing “leaflets” and other “information sheets” that tell motorists about COVID–19 and teach them how to avoid infection of it.  

Reports reaching DIYARYO MILENYO said the highway patrol enforcers are encouraging the motorists to read and keep the anti–COVID leaflets after they receive it.

Minister Sinarimbo said such move of the RPHU enforcers is effectively raising awareness and participation to motorists about the government’s fight against the deadly virus. (Photo: Arangkada Balita) 


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