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IECON 2021: Building the Industries of Tomorrow

The Industrial Management Engineering Society (IMES) will once again be holding the Industrial Engineering Convention (IECON) online. This convention is specialized for future Industrial Engineers, providing its participants with various learning opportunities filled with insights and essential information that will maximize their potential as future industry leaders in building and sustaining businesses as we pivot towards the post-pandemic world.

IECON-2021 will be held online on May 7-8, 2021 via Facebook Live, where it is expected to be broadcasted to over 2,000 participants, including students, faculty attendees, professionals nationwide and around Southeast Asia. Distinguished professionals and advocates will be featured as speakers for the event.

Last year, IMES hosted the first online version of IECON titled “WebIECON: Innovating the New Normal” on August 14-15, 2020. The event served 1,800 participants nationwide and received excellent reviews from its participants. It differentiates itself as a premier online avenue for future Industrial Engineers to gain new insights, further expand their knowledge in the field, and avail many opportunities that awaits them.

This year, IECON-2021 will tackle e-commerce, supply chain management, logistics, and quality and reliability Engineering which can prove how Industrial Engineering can be used as the world transitions into a post-pandemic scenario. The convention will serve as a stepping stone for future Industrial Engineers to embody what upcoming generations will need by giving them an excellent opportunity to enhance their minds with insightful information from different speakers, aiding them to become effective and influential characters in their professions.

As future Industrial Engineers, this convention is a perfect opportunity for you to be inspired and be part in transitioning the world of business in the midst of the pandemic and building the industries of tomorrow. With that, we hope to see you there! #IECON PRESS RELEASE


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