EEC Coating: Blessed 21 Years of Success

On July 21, 2000, EEC Coating, Waterproofing and General Services, INC., began under the leadership of Mr. Ed Calope...

[by Mikayla De Guzman]

image: EEC Coating

On July 21, 2000, EEC Coating, Waterproofing and General Services, INC., began under the leadership of Mr. Ed Calope. Originally called EEC Coating and Waterproofing Services under the name of Elvie Calope, the company started out as a contractor that offered painting and waterproofing services, as well as minor civil works.

While it was still a small start-up, EEC didn’t have much capital to work with. They were, in the words of Mr. Calope himself, “a small-time business with a big determination to survive.” Mr. Calope invested his heart and hard work into getting EEC up off the ground, pouring his heart out to the Lord and believing that his business would take off and succeed. With the help of many supportive friends and family, he was able to finance EEC in its early years. In June of 2011, almost eleven years later, EEC created a subsidiary company by the name of EEC Technical and Manpower Services. This subsidiary would handle the company’s manpower needs. And as EEC grew, so did its demands.

Eventually, Mr. Calope discovered that running a sole proprietorship was a real challenge. EEC had a variety of competitors in the industry, and bidding was aggressive. He found it taxing to compete with larger corporations as a small business. So, the company’s leadership decided to expand –and with the company’s growth came more and more work opportunities. As they gained more clients and accepted more projects, the leadership of EEC began to notice an upward trend in the demand for certain services. An increasing number of clients were inquiring about services related to masonry, re-tiling, and even civil works. Seeing an opportunity for growth and expansion, EEC’s leadership decided to augment the number of services that the company would be able to provide. In addition to waterproofing, painting and re-roofing, they also began to offer services such as partitioning and retrofitting. To fit this expansion of the company’s services, on August 26, 2012, EEC Coating and Waterproofing Services formally became known as EEC Coating, Waterproofing, and General Services, Inc. EEC slowly but surely grew into what we know it to be today– a big corporation with an even bigger heart behind it.

However, much like any other corporation, EEC was not exempt from experiencing its own fair share of difficulties. As mentioned before, EEC struggled with fierce competition in its early stages. Aside from this, many of the clients EEC were able to get at the beginning did not end up compensating them for their services. No matter how diligently they worked, EEC found it difficult to collect their dues from some of their clients. Many general contractors would not pay what they owe, a EEC is a sub-contractor. Such instances would leave EEC leadership and their employees greatly disheartened. Still, EEC’s leadership found a way to respond with grace and in growth, leaving those clients “in the hands of the Lord, and blessing [them in spite of] their wrongdoings.”

EEC was also impacted by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company had to completely stop operation for three months after the beginning of the lockdown in March of 2020. By June of that same year, they were able to begin transitioning back to business as usual. They began to accept more projects, working with the limitations set upon them by the pandemic.

Now, in their twenty-first year of operations, EEC looks back at the journey that has been with much celebration and thanksgiving. Mr. Calope attributes the company’s success to the favor and faithfulness of the Lord, who has continued to guide them since day one. He also credits all of their staff– manpower, drivers, technical, sales, and management teams– who are not only the arms and legs of the company, but its heart as well. #DM


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