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Keep your Business Quarantine-Ready with Clean and Sterilized Air

In the blink of an eye, the ‘ber months are here and so much has changed: how we shop in malls, how we eat at our favorite restaurants, and how we work in the office...

In the blink of an eye, the ‘ber months are here and so much has changed: how we shop in malls, how we eat at our favorite restaurants, and how we work in the office. In addition, our idea of what a safe environment is — in the new normal —has changed drastically. Workplaces, cafes, stores, and other spaces have taken measures to prioritize safety. While the healthcare sector works day and night to protect and save our bodies, businesses are starting to re-open to save the economy and help people financially.

Make Your Business Safe for Customers and Employees

Protecting our health is first in everyone’s thoughts, which is why it is important to keep spaces clean and safe for customers and employees alike. Businesses that are open — such as banks and supermarkets — continue to follow standard health protocols, such as proper hand washing and wearing of face masks. Heightened cleaning and disinfection practices are also being implemented.

But with new variants developing, keeping surfaces clean is not enough. Experts strongly suggest having clean indoor air and proper ventilation to prevent the spread of COVID and its variants. The Aller Plasma Orion Series takes care of the quality of your air while you take care of your business. It works in keeping indoor air clean by providing continuous disinfection as well as odor control.

“Now, more than ever, good air quality and circulation is a priority in various establishments,” emphasized by Jona A. Chiang of Aller Innovations, Inc. “For example, the Discovery Suites uses Orion series sterilizers in their premises in order to keep the air clean for their employees and patrons. They are able to serve their customers safely and their employees are glad to be able to work in a healthy and safe environment. Other businesses that use Aller Plasma sterilizers include Liwayway Marketing Corporation (makers of Oishi) and Happy Skin Cosmetics.”

How the Aller Orion Series Can Help Your Business

Aller Plasma sterilizers use innovative cold plasma technology to eliminate viruses (such as the Coronavirus, H1N1, and EV71), mold, bacteria, and odors in indoor spaces. This revolutionary technology makes use of plasma ions that clear the air and minimize the spread of infection by neutralizing bacteria, microbes, and viruses, and breaking down their molecular structure, thus eliminating these before they even land on surfaces or are inhaled.

The Orion Series is made for different indoor space sizes, ranging from 30sqm to 150sqm, and is easy to install in various establishments. These units are an important addition to air-conditioned and poorly-ventilated spaces, specifically those where people spend all, if not most, of their time. The Orion Series is especially necessary in establishments where face-to-face transactions take place.

The New Normal

We continue to work toward a safer future and better days ahead but for now, learning how to navigate the world safely is our priority. The need for clean, sanitized air is essential for everyone, and this need will continue in the years to come.

When people know that they are in a safe environment they feel comfortable and are more confident. Employees can focus on their tasks and are more productive. Customers are more likely to frequent a store or establishment they feel safe in, and eventually recommend the business to others. The Aller Plasma Orion Series is your ally in the new normal, giving you and your clients priceless peace of mind.

For more information on the Aller Plasma Orion Series, visit the website (https://www.allerplasma.com/orion-series) or connect via Facebook on Aller Plasma Sterilizer and Instagram @allerplasma -END-

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