The Impact of Research in Improving Education in the New Normal

In the context of our present days, we are facing the most pressing challenges in improving educational system and practices, and we need to be able to get along with it. Educational leaders should make some improvements and innovations as these provide big impact and contribute greatly to national development...
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In the context of our present days, we are facing the most pressing challenges in improving educational system and practices, and we need to be able to get along with it. Educational leaders should make some improvements and innovations as these provide big impact and contribute greatly to national development. It will also proffer people the skills and tools they need to understand and perform the nature of their work at this time of what we call the “new normal”. It is the best legacy a country can offer to its citizens.

However, every time our educational leaders are searching for the solutions in improving educational system, some pressure groups interfere and say it is “unrealistic and expensive,” to which is not a valid reason. Commitment, passion, and work ethics should be sustained throughout the process. Educational institution has the mandate to formulate, implement, and coordinate policies, plans, programs and projects in the areas of formal and non-formal basic education which is clearly stated in its vision: “to improve itself to better serve its stakeholders”.

Some areas of concerns in education that demands our action rest mainly on school performance, achievements, and governance. It encompasses the managerial and intructional supervisory skills, teaching and pedagogy, management of resources, learning and deveoplment, assessment, and school physical plant and development.

Strengthening research-based program in all schools vis-a-vis establishing the culture of research is impeccable in instituting improvement in educational system. Education sector is investing so much in research programs, for this highlights the most distinguisged and competitive solutions that are scientific and evidenced-based. The question here is why? What can research do for us? How can it be done nowadays?

From the viewpoint of an educator, benefits of conducting research goes beyond having impressive degree certificate out of schooling and attending seminar-workshops for it can develop and harness analytical and critical thinking expertise. To others, research defines significant role to educational planning and devlopment forming the foundation of educational policies, plans , and programs.

According to Mary-Louise Kearney, Director of the UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge, “Knowledge generated by research is the basis of sustainable development, which requires that knowledge be placed at the service of development, be converted into applications, and be shared to ensure widespread benefits.” It clearly states that knowledge of research and putting such into practice can do more to improve educational system and services.

Research can also provide informations that are trustworthy and reliable. The findings and recommendations entailed in the research works can be adopted depending on its applicability. The knowledge it provides that are subject for validation are useful and can transform the school to become better despite the current learning delivery modalities being implemented nationwide.

In the study conducted by Mutch, 2005, research is a ‘purposeful and systematic’ enquiry to solve a problem. It illuminates a situation or add to our knowledge though discovery of facts and significant insights.

In other related study, research is a tool used in building knowledge and facilitating learning. Research is necessary to all people in the academe, students, teachers, and school administrators. They may think of interesting topic that goes beyond personal experience. To determine the needs in school and what the researchers and the public want to realize and search for the scientific slutions can serve as bases of conducting research. The results of the study and the knowledge acquired out of it which are facts-based ensured truthfullness and accuracy that can be used in educational planning, crafting school targets and setting of standards, and programs and projects implementation that are geared towards improvement of current practices.

In the study conducted by by Boykin in 1972, he stressed out that research is used to produce valid and reliable informations needed to make improvements in educational palnning, decision-making, learning and development, crriculum development, understanding the natural endowment of the learners, use of instructional media, school organization and educational management. It enables significant and substantial progress in the field of education .

Educational research is the part of behavioral sciences, in which, emphasis has been put upon understanding, explaining, predicting and to some degree controlling human behavior. Research in education has enabled substantial progress to be made in curriculum development and reform, educating slow learners, understanding the psychological traits of the physically challenged individuals and in adapting methods of instructions to the needs of individual learners.

Research in education has rendered an imperative contribution in acquiring information regarding different cultures, norms and values. The individuals have made substantial contributions through research to their knowledge and generation of awareness, understanding administrative leadership and behavior, and group procedures.

Establishing a culture of research in every school might cause nodding of heads, raising brows, refusing hands and doubtful minds among school officials and employees because of the situation now. However, study shows that conducting research marked a positive imprint and create much impact to improve classroom and school environment and better school leadership performance. And much more now, with home schooling or remote and distance learning.

Change is the only permanent thing in this world. Refusal is a normal feeling. But it’s better to obey first before making any complain. A system needs to be improved as time passes by, constitutions needs to be revised. We cannot avoid changes. To be better far than what we reached is a brave attitude.

Everything is possible when we believe. With our dedication, passion and commitment to embrace changes, we could achieve our dreams of making our students grow in the light of the vision-mission statement of the Department of Education. Truly, success is at the tip of our fingers. Time will come that we would be known for making brave innovations, initiatives and reformations in educational system through conducting educational research. #DM

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