Former DILG’s executive assistant expresses interest to run as board member in the first district of South Cotabato

TAMPAKAN, South Cotabato --- "Public service in the true sense of the word is always been my passion...and it runs in my blood."

[by RASHID RH. BAJO/Photo credit to Bienvenido Fermo Barroso]

TAMPAKAN, South Cotabato — “Public service in the true sense of the word is always been my passion…and it runs in my blood.”

He is Bienvenido “Bonbon” Barroso, who recently expressed his interest of running as board member in the first congressional district of South Cotabato province under the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas, a national party chaired by incumbent South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr.

Barroso, who got degrees in philosophy, law and public management, is not new to public service.

In fact, his two grandfathers (on paternal and maternal sides) and his father were municipal mayors. On paternal side, his grandfather Ireneo “Tony” Tolentino Barroso was a former mayor of Tampakan, South Cotabato and Mayor Aurelio Gaite Fermo Sr. of Capalonga, Camarines Norte on his maternal side.

His father Claudius Barroso was a former mayor of Tampakan for several terms.
“Bata pa lang ako namulat na ako sa public service. Itinuro at ipinakita nila sa akin kung paano magsilbi sa mga tao at mapataas ang antas ng kanilang mga pamumuhay,” Barroso told The MINDANAO VOICE in a messenger interview today.

Barroso said what he learned from them, he used and applied it (when he was elected as mayor of Tampakan) as his guiding principles in laying his own groundworks in public service,”

His vision of extending his public service to the people of Tampakan was “shortened” by “circumstances” beyond his control. He rested for awhile.
When Mike Sueno was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as secretary of DILG, the former made him as his executive assistant for political affairs in Manila.

Barroso tried again his luck in the last mayoralty race but he lost to his opponent. “Akala ko katapusan na ng hangarin ko na makapagsilbi sa mga tao pero hindi pala,” he said.

Seeing his potential, leadership, integrity and capability to help him realize his “priorities” for the people in the first district of the province, Gov. Tamayo appointed him as his deputy governor.
When asked why he decided to run as board member, Barroso said he was “impressed” by the “vision” and “advocacies” of Gov. Tamayo for the people of South Cotabato.

Barroso said Tamayo’s governance are anchored on unification and “upliftment of people’s lives through education and health.” #DM

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