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To start with, DepEd Nueva Ecija created an enhanced curriculum wherein only the most essential and needed for improvement learning competencies were given priority. This curriculum is the MELC or the Most Essential Learning Competencies...

Rodel R. Danganan
School Principal II Sta. Rita Elementary School

According to Allan Bloom, an American philosopher and author, “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

The world is in the midst of an enormous pandemic which has killed numerous people all over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has shaken and affected every aspects of the world physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. It has created a huge impact in the economy especially in the countries that are most affected by this pandemic and one these most affected countries is the Philippines. However, in spite of this, the education program of different countries all over the world has not impeded by this pandemic. In the Philippines, the education program will soon start on October 5, 2020 thus will begin the New Normal School Year 2020-2021. In accordance to its opening, different schools in different districts of each province have started preparing for its opening.

In this sense, DepEd Nueva Ecija eagerly and enthusiastically adheres to the call of proper education for the learners. Different activities were launched to sustain the needs for the preparation for the new normal school year following the safety procedures mandated by the DOH and the Local Government Unit such as 1-meter social distancing, wearing of face mask and face shield, sanitizing and disinfecting the hands and the workplace. To start with, DepEd Nueva Ecija created an enhanced curriculum wherein only the most essential and needed for improvement learning competencies were given priority. This curriculum is the MELC or the Most Essential Learning Competencies. In this curriculum, learning competencies are limited so to provide the most needed competencies of the learners in this time of pandemic.

In accordance to this, all the teachers passionately participated through harvesting of needed appropriate instructional materials for each learning competency mentioned in the MELC. A joined-hand movement was than by each pillar of the DepEd Nueva Ecija. Then, a simulation activity by each district with the participation of the Barangay Officials was conducted to somehow anticipate what might happen during the said school opening and to look forward to “What went wrong?” and “What went right?” during the process. Thus, series of planning took place through online meeting and ‘kamustahan.’ Aside from the simulation, LAC sessions were also conducted. Teachers were trained well as their preparation for the Learning Delivery Modalities to be used during the school year. Furthermore, to ensure that everyone (the principal, teachers and other stakeholders) are ready for the school opening, the SGOD, CID and the Supervisors joined-hand for the Monitoring and Evaluation on School Readiness of all the schools in the Province of Nueva Ecija. This program is done to assure that all schools especially the teaching staffs are all equipped with the needed materials as they soar along to the opening of the new normal classes. These programs are only seen movement of the DepED Nueva Ecija. There are unseen programs that work silently for the benefits of its learners and the like.

The DepEd Nueva Ecija always takes into consideration that all necessary programs must be done to ensure that every JUAN is ready and well-equipped before and during the opening of classes; that the learners who are considered as the future heroes of the country must receive all the necessary knowledge they need for the future; that they acquire the proper education they need even in spite of the pandemic.

As enlightenment, we may be in the midst of a pandemic which has created a very big impact in our society especially in the education process but this should not hinder children from acquiring proper education. Different ways and modalities are wrapped out to accommodate the need to learn of the children. As Dr. Bloom has mentioned, let the education acquired by the learners be the light to surpass all the darkness of this challenging world. If only we would hold hands, pray and act as one to fight this pandemic we will be able to win this situation. Always keep in mind the strongest value infused among the hearts of the Filipinos, RESILIENCY. #DM

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