Fr. Sionil Jose, binatikos ng netizens at mga personalidad dahil sa pangmamaliit kay Maria Ressa

Pinutakte ng mga komento ng netizens at mga personalidad ang naging pahayag ni Fr. Sionil Jose sa pangmamaliit nito kay Maria Ressa, CEO ng Rappler, matapos itong gawaran ng prestihiyosong Nobel Peace Prize.


Pinutakte ng mga komento ng netizens at mga personalidad ang naging pahayag ni Fr. Sionil Jose sa pangmamaliit nito kay Maria Ressa, CEO ng Rappler, matapos itong gawaran ng prestihiyosong Nobel Peace Prize.

“Maria Ressa does not deserve the Nobel.”

Ito ang mariing pahayag ni F. Sionil Jose sa kanyang Facebook account nitong Oktubre 9, Sabado ng umaga. 96 anyos, kilalang National Artist for Literature at Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Awardee in Journalism si Fr. Sionil.

“I will be damned for stating this. Sourgrapes, etc. because I was in the listing of possible Nobel literary prize winners as published in international media.” Paliwanag ni Fr. Sionil.

“I have criticized Duterte but not on press freedom. The Philippine press is alive and well not because of Maria Ressa.

“No writer is in jail. There is no censorship. Duterte hasn’t closed a single newspaper or radio station.

“The closure of ABS-CBN was made by Congress which did not renew the ABS-CBN franchise. Sure, he influenced Congress but the real issue against ABS-CBN as I have pointed out is not press freedom but money, politics, power and its abuse by the Lopezes who own the TV network.

“Sure, journalists have been killed in the Duterte regime just as it was in past administrations. But those killings cannot be laid at Duterte’s door. Usually, they are made by minor politicians or officials attacked by journalists.

“The real test for journalists was made during the Marcos dictatorship when he imposed censorship, closed all media and jailed journalists.

“Now, let us look at Maria Ressa’s credentials. The most important is she worked with CNN. I haven’t read anything memorable by her.

“She had developed important connections as this award has shown and was able to get foreign support for Rappler.

“Duterte was not serious with Maria Ressa, else he could have nailed her like he did with Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Senator Leila de Lima.

“For sure, we always had great journalists who fought Marcos, among them the late Letty Jimenez Magsanoc and Betty Go, Eggie Duran Apostol (RM awardee), Sheila Coronel (RM awardee), Marites Vitug and Chi-Chi Lazaro on TV.

“Those Nobel judges were taken for a ride by western media hype.”

Ngabigay komento rin ang human rights advocate, journalist at 2020 TOYM finalist na is Francis Baraan IV sa ipinoste ni Fr. Sionil Jose, “Well, I guess it’s no surprise that you’re questioning the credibility of the Nobel PEACE Prize Awards.

“I would expect nothing less from someone, who vehemently and shamelessly supports a divisive WARLORD.

“And yes, you are right.

“You are just sourgraping.

“Your words — not ours.”

Dahil dito, mabilis na tinanggal ang komento ni Francis. Ngunit may backup si Francis kaya ni-repost niya ang screenshot at ang post script niya, “P.S. I just realized that FSJ actually wrote below his name that he is a Magsaysay Awardee for Journalism.

“How sad that he had to include his resumé just to stroke a battered ego for not having been deemed worthy or accomplished enough to win the Nobel Prize for Literature that he has always longed for.

“Terribly sad, indeed.

“It has also become apparent through this status post that Mr. Jose is living in a parallel Philippines. He is divorced from reality.”

Maging ang iba pang mga personalidad ay nagpahayg din ng saloobin sa Facebook post ni Fr. Sionil na dapat ay maging masaya na lamang tayong lahat sa prestihiyosong parangal na kamit ng ating kapwa Pilipino para sa bayan at para sa malaya at matapang na pamamahayag sa bansa. #DM

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