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It all begins when people discover the importance of sharing. This is the starting point of development and progression.

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Mark Denisse A. De Jesus

It all begins when people discover the importance of sharing. This is the starting point of development and progression.

For millennia, the brightest minds of the world thought of ways on how to answer global challenges which put nations on the edge of economic downfall due to the destruction left by the previous wars—The 1st and 2nd World Wars. These events motivated the great immortals to innovate things that would help in building their weakened nations.

They realized the great help of information sharing and found it necessary. They started discovering and inventing things that would further forge a strong bond between nations and also strengthen the intelligence capability of their country. This opened the door to the information age.


The establishment of the internet as a primary tool in connecting people across the globe made information sharing easier. This advancement helped in building a society which once relied on waiting long hours just for a single piece of information to arrive. This fueled the innovativeness of people in terms of creating a lasting solution. The invention of the first communication satellite sent into space just to make information sharing faster and more reliable. The birth of computers and their storing capability, as well as its communication power, paved way for the creation of supercomputers, personal computers and now, smartphones.

The growth and development of these metallic things have made almost everything possible. People of different races are now capable of communicating with one another. Diseases are discovered and cured with the aid of computers. Planning becomes easier and computing is not a problem anymore. Education has become more powerful as it can reach far-flung areas through communication.

The birth of ICT has benefitted the education sector as it provides easy access to all information and let people share ideas and thoughts. This has reopened the minds of people on the power of information and the ability of humans on advancing the fight against illiteracy. The information that different internet sites provide is immeasurable and proven helpful. It has helped in breaking the boundaries of human limits as well as the creativity of mankind. It fuels humans’ pursuit of further connectedness and unity through breaking geographical as well as social boundaries.

Education, as the primary shelter for human development, has helped in making these advancements worthy through minimizing or if possible eliminating the bad effects of ICT in society by informing the public on the possible adverse effects of advanced technology.

In this time of the pandemic, connection is one of the resorts of unifying the world’s societies and in order to build a stronger foundation despite the crisis we are in. ICT helps us in realizing this goal. People, who are one of the world’s pioneers in ICT development, assure us that this media will help in building a home that does not only provide us strong connection but also something that will shelter us and keep us together in this time of uncertainty. #DM

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