The Contribution of Media and Information in the New Normal Education


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than enough damage- may it be in livelihood, economy, lifestyle, industry, and most of all, education. The new normal to learning called “distance learning” is very controversial because not everyone can adapt to the new methods of learning. This is where the role of media and information in education with compliance to the new normal takes place.

Today, where face-to-face teaching is not allowed, several channels that can aid learning appear through the help of the Department of Education (DepEd). The media and information play a vital role in the new methods of learning practice. Media and information have been popular since then, but to trace the history, the widespread option to proceed with distance learning has not happened before.

Over time, the media has established itself as a reliable source of information and a platform for effective learning. The use of it in education provides students with the ability to get a prolific amount of knowledge just in one click. Furthermore, there is valuable knowledge to be gained through the use of this platform such as analytics and insights on various topics or issues for study purposes. Learning has become significantly more accessible because of the availability of video lectures and other resources needed for acquiring knowledge.

Because of this, any formal or informal teaching-learning process requires the use of media and information to keep things flowing smoothly. Speaking and writing or other kinds of communication are used to share information or provide entertainment. The use of media and information to communicate with a broad audience is an important sort of understanding. Now, various media outlets can assist the teaching and learning process, like the DepEd TV, the radio broadcast, and others have been developed and employed for educational development as a result of the new learning modalities. After the pandemic changed the world of education, the media and information have had a significant impact on how schools operate today.

The following are the significant contributions of media and information in the new normal education:

  • Media and information help the students understand how it works by providing current visuals and messages, as well as enhancing the teaching and learning process.
  • The media and information are the most effective means of communication. It aids in the promotion of the appropriate items at the right moment. It provides a genuine opportunity for the students to learn about what is good and wrong.
  • Students’ interest in learning is stimulated through media and information, which draws their attention to educational topics.
  • The media and information give the required foundation for gradual and additional learning, as well as making it permanent.
  • Students are motivated to participate in additional activities as a result of their exposure to the media and information.
  • The media and information provide learners experiences that they could not get any other way, allowing them to grow mentally, understand more deeply, and learn more effectively.

Giving these contributions, we can say that while media and information go hand in hand, there is no room for doubt that conducive learning will not transpire in this setup. This is not a definitive timeline at present to tell us when our stay-at-home learning will end and when our post-pandemic lives would begin while the world is actively working towards flattening the curve, it is best to give our utmost effort on following rules. At the same time, we should keep the process of learning within us. Probably, with the conjoined efforts of media, our long-distance teachers, and our self-determination, we can still cultivate our minds to be prepared on facing a whole new world. #DM

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