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Filipino Resiliency… and then?

[by Rick Daligdig]


Typhoon Odette (international name Rai) hit the southern part of our country few weeks ago.

Typhoon Odette was the strongest typhoon this year that left 378 death toll as of this written, thousands were homeless, many cities, provinces are on the ground right now. Basic utilities like power, water, and communication lines are still down. People are shouting for help such as food, materials to reconstruct their houses and livelihood as it also washed away by the typhoon. We cannot discount the efforts and preparation of our government, they prepositioned ahead of time the relief packs, men in uniform is on alert status, conduct pre-emptive evacuation. May we, say government is on top of the situation?

We are Resilient.

Once again, this disaster brought us our most naïve characteristic… Resilient. In the face of enormous challenge to get back on the foot, Filipinos still find a way to smile, to be thankful, to endure all the struggle, to be hopeful that after the storm passed, a new day will rise. Also the so called “Bayanihan Spirit” is alive. We naturally don’t let others behind. We are all in this together. But as I, observe being Resilient of the victims of disaster is somehow a sugarcoat to the lapses of our government to improve and enhance the country capability to endure and prepare for this natural phenomenon.

Department of Disaster Resilience.

The onslaught of typhoon Odette was again bring on the table the debate whether the country needs a Cabinet level institution that will be in-charge in disaster response, relief and rehabilitation efforts made by natural or man-made phenomenon.

Senator Bong Go filed the SB 205 or An Act Creating Department of Disaster Resilience (DDR). If realize the department will streamed line the coordinating efforts of other government agencies down to the LGU’s. Some oppose the bill saying it will make the government cost of billions in creating a new agency, others say that some it will be redundant as its mandate is already perform by other agency.

But this is my take, there are Pro’s and Con’s in every situation. We only have to choose what will be the best for the nation’s interest. Every year same scenarios we saw every time we face a natural disaster. At the end of the line, it is still the Resiliency of our fellowmen will be their only anchor to survive such catastrophic event? Time changes, Climate changes, so must our way in handling things, disaster response in particular should be upbeat and not laggard. #DM

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