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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued another set of advisories against several entities soliciting investments from the public without the necessary licenses:




4.      SHOPEE888/SHPOEE888




For the complete list of advisories, you may visit

Reports were received by the Commission from the public that WE AL TH ON W E B COMPANY / WEALTH ON WEB COMPANY / WOW COMPANY /WOW TRADE’s (“WOWTRADE”) which was the subject of an SEC Advisory on 05 October 2021, has obtained the approval of its new “complan” for its new entity, WOW NEGOSYO.

In connection with this representation circulating on social media (as shown below) from its posting on its website, the public is inquiring whether WOW NEGOSYO has been registered with the SEC. Based on the Commission’s data base, WOW NEGOSYO is not registered as a partnership nor as a corporation with the SEC. Hence, it is NOT authorized to solicit investments from the public as it has not secured prior registration and/or license to solicit investments from the Commission as prescribed under Section 8 of the Securities Regulation Code.

CLEARWAY ENERGY INC. is allegedly developing a solar power station in the Philippines. The said company claims to be investing in power generation components, from which prospective investors will derive different benefits in accordance with their chosen investment. Their platform includes soliciting investment for the production of solar panels and the electricity generated thereon will be sold to the government, major mines and to different enterprises and from that, their prospective investors will automatically generate profits daily.

U-TRADE BEAUTY AND WELLNESS PRODUCTS TRADING and U BET TRADE INTERNATIONAL OPC, headed by its CEO, Founder, and President PHOEBE EVANGELISTA GRACILLA, offers a passive income equivalent to 500% of his/her investment for a 25-day lock-in period. These Entry Dividends shall earn a total of 250% profit in just 32 days. On top of the abovementioned, there are also: Direct Referral Commission equivalent to 40% of the direct downline’s investment; Indirect Referral Commission equivalent to 1% of the chosen plan-investment of the indirect invite from the 2ndup to the 12thlevel; and Product Rebate equivalent to 1% of the value of product/s purchased by the downline.

SHOPEE888/SHPOEE888 is enticing the public through social media platform or through its website and email, to invest in said entity. As posted on its website, investors can join by registering first, then they can choose from any of the ten (10) VIP Levels with corresponding tasks. The investor allegedly can earn 8% up to 20% daily after completing the task.  An investor can also earn from Php200.00 up to Php500,000.00 from Tier Bonus and for Direct Bonus.

META TRADING CORPORATION/ONE META TRADING OPC is offering to the public its investment which would earn a Passive of 5% daily interest for twenty (20) days or for a total of 100% earnings for a 20-day period; 100% interest for the next five (5) days; 150% interest for the next ten (10) days; and 200% interest for the next 15 days, for a total of accumulated interest of 550% in just 50 days. It also offers active income of Direct Referral Commission, Indirect Referral Commission, Boost-Up Commission and Share Pool Bonus.

KINNEY INFOTECH CORPORATION entices the public to invest by offering a “PROJECT PLAN” starting from Php5,000.00 (Basic Plus) up to Php40,000,000.00 (Supreme) that guarantees a return of up to Php93,000.00 within the period of six (6) months.

CRYPTO ASSET, headed by its President and CEO JANUS ALFONSUS ALVEZ TISALONA, is offering an investment opportunity to the public with a minimum amount of investment of Php 1,000 with four options to choose from.  The money invested is said to be used by CRYPTO ASSET in its crypto trading through UNLITRADE platform and GPU mining farm activities. #SEC

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