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Footprint of BPO industry amidst the pandemic

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is now leaving a footprint to lead the economic workaround of businesses during the height of the global pandemic.

COVID-19 has crippled the world’s economy; many businesses shut down and millions of people lost their jobs.

While there are many who suffer in terms of business opportunities, the gap between people and businesses is widening.

Having said that, the BPO industry fills this widening division that bridges people and business together in one space as many business sectors use BPO for continuous operation and expansion.

Despite the continuous lockdown in different classification and restriction because of continuous widespread of COVID-19, the BPO industry continues to expand its operation in a flexible work-from-home set up. Providing competitive compensation and incentives for health and safety.

“When the pandemic struck, we were challenged with the continuity of work and processes. iQor’s infrastructure is designed to allow work-in-office and work-from-home at the same time.”- Rod Hoddinott, iQor Senior Vice President and General Manager for digital and emerging technology said during the virtual media round table, January 12.

Present in the event are Rod Hoddinott- iQor Senior Vice President and General Manager for Digital and emerging technology; Tony Rizkallah, iQor Senior Director of Operations; Roselle Lao, iQor Director of Recruiting, Visayas and Mindanao and Fleurette Navarro, iQor Head of Global recruiting and Senior Vice President for Human Resources in the Philippines.

More than providing multitude of work opportunities; these BPO industries faceted multi-employee-centred services such as iQor Qares program, a fundraising project through events that provides financial assistance to thousands of their employees and their local communities in the cases of unforeseen natural calamities.

Fleurette Navarro also added that to ensure the quality balance of well-being and mental health of employees, they ensure to provide help access through their hotline along with their trained supervisors and managers to handle employees’ concerns.


Rizkallah said “iQor is committed to sharing expertise in technology and customer service with the Philippine Market. Our Ilonggo workforce truly delivers outstanding service and results to our clients. With Iloilo’s strong transportation and communication network, iQor is always connected with the rest of the world.”

Many professionals are moving to Metro like metro manila and metro Cebu to find better job opportunities, thus iQor strengthen business operation in the provinces like Pampanga, Davao, Dasmarinas, IloIlo, Laguna and Negros. Providing higher salary rate, bonuses and benefits for the employees and their immediate family.

Rizkallah further said, “We are committed to building [up] people by changing their lives and giving them better opportunities, we also build the communities they belong to. Prior to [the] pandemic, we conducted activities, like giving our grocery bags and school supplies to barangays that need them the most. This is one of the core values of being iQorian- we believe in the need to give back.” #DM

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