Learning Delivery Modality (LDM)

School Principal 1, Maligaya Elementary School SDO – Palayan City Annex

Covid 19 pandemic hinders us to socialize. It makes life complicated as of this time, especially for those young learners who are not allowed to go out and have fun with peers. The young learners who before are playing with their peers and enjoying their young lives. This time they are instructed and prohibited to go out and socialize with others and learn with their environment. Children are imprisoned at their own homes, locked up in the four corners of their room. In this time of the pandemic, people are adjusting to the new way of life, especially in education, adapting to new life. Nevertheless, people are the most intelligent species in this world. They can adapt to the trends and threats of this world.

In the educational system, the department of education faces new modes of teaching delivery to its clientele. Since March 2020, Deped has conducted surveys to continue education in the country. LCP- Learning Continuity Plan is introduced, thru Deped order No. 12, s. 2020. A capacity building for teachers and school heads to implement learning delivery modalities suited to every school. This program has been developing thru forums with educational partners in the country.

Learning delivery modality has been crafted and introduced to effectively implement the learning appropriate to the student needs and school context. Support schools and teachers in implementing and managing the learning delivery modality adapted and suited to every school and effectively benefited learners at home. It also includes child protection and psycho-social to support the needs of the learners at home. Learning is inclusive in addressing their need in these unusual circumstances, engaging the parents and the community as educational partners. Remember that the school cannot stand alone without the community as a whole. The community people have a vital role in the success of the educational system in the country.

BE- LCP is the main element of the learning strategies that will be operationalized. The Streamlining of the Kinder to 12 Curriculum. The Most-Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) allow multiple learning delivery modalities such as distance learning and blended learning. To help learners, parents, and teachers implement these learning delivery modalities. Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) shall be made available thru LRMDS and other online/offline flatforms and can be easily downloaded through DepEd Commons. Regional offices and SDO’s may create localized printed modules suited to the needs of the learners and the community. These will prepare the teachers and school leaders for multiple learning delivery modalities. They will be introduced to learning delivery modalities that they can readily utilize depending on community context and will be provided with tools and mechanisms to inform their decision-making. Capacity building will be provided to the school teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure the smooth transition of the new normal learning. Establishment of support mechanism to provide teachers, school leaders, and even stakeholders access to on-demand technical and administrative advice and guidance. The BE-LCP has been designed to be the “new normal”, education. Delivering the right of every school-aged citizen of basic and compulsory education to all school-aged children in the country, achieving that no one is left behind.

The department endeavor in the educational delivery system of the country will succeed with the help of our partners in education. Parents who have been the first teacher of the children at home, in which they mold the young minds and the community where the children learn to socialize and respect each other. School personnel is making an effort to deliver education at home. This time all are encouraged to participate. There is too much work to address. Altogether must share their time and effort in bringing elementary education effectively in their own home. We cannot teach everything in the young minds of our learners to effectively learn everything at once. Remember the story of the crow and the pitcher, “little by little does the trick.”

We educators are not stopping to learn; all must walk hand in hand to achieve a common goal for better education in this country. This time, after a year and six long months. Our effort to implement a learning continuity plan succeeded efficiently. Surveys through text, messenger, and FB page. Google meetings and other media platforms. Our struggle in delivering the basic education system in the country flourished. We must give sufficient credit to our partners. Schools Division personnel. Who are not stopping to remind us to implement DepEd programs, projects, and activities, suited to our learner needs during this pandemic… None stop meetings, seminars online for the teachers. Ensuring the proper delivery and effectiveness of our learning system. Our parents and the community are always there. Especially when we need them, our partners in educating and teaching the learners at home, the teachers who are endangering their own to deliver quality education. All our effort, who gave their very best during this time must be congratulated for the job well done. ###

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