I HAD THOUGHT the internecine rivalry between outgoing Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon and Commissioner Aimee Ferolino, a Duterte appointee, could further weaken the position of the Duterte regime, especially the candidacies of Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte-Carpio.

I had thought that Guanzon’s efforts to prod Ferolino, ponenté on the disqualification case against Marcos, to release by January 31 the resolution on the case could give Carpio the context with which to posture that she was beyond the controversy and therefore the best person to steer the country through the current political and economic crisis.

A useful tack in trying to replace Marcos in the presidential race.

I hadn’t counted on the same that fueled that internecine rivalry driving the “presidentiables” to close ranks when their very “presidentiability” was threatened, especially in the case of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

What can one say? Hell hath no fury than a “presidentiable” scorned. Or about to be so. Far more importantly, I had thought there was no stoking the Filipino to rage anymore, and was proven wrong. The Filipino didn’t let pass the Comelec fiasco.

More than any other issue, the disqualification case against Marcos has almost overnight generated widespread support for Guanzon. That is the one thing that has united the people, not TV talk show host Boy Abunda. Or not Boy Abunda alone. ###

Only in Freedom

IF THE ESSENCE of good government is government for the good of the people, then government by dictatorship is bad government, because like all dictatorships, its primary objective is power, to which all else is subordinated; and because, as government statistics make abundantly clear, the few benefit disproportionately from it.

Dictatorships, primarily, were the result of a confluence of needs. They answered the need of the Filipino elite composed of a new set of oligarchs to continue to enjoy and add to their wealth and privilege, and they answered the needs of some foreign powers and their business interests to protect their investments in the country, and allow easier entry and greater scope for foreign capital.

Whether the head of government be Marcos or anyone else, dictatorships must be strongly resisted. Only in freedom, can we really achieve the unity of mind, the strength of will, and the joy of common effort that can move the nation forward, because only in freedom are we truly men — and truly Filipinos. #DM

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