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DigiAds talks on the 18th Ad Congress, Alam1D successfully wraps up webinar

In participation to PUP’s 18th Ad Congress carrying the title, “ADTV: Your Source for the Latest News and Trends in Advertising”, Alam1D one of the sections from the fourth-year students of Advertising and Public Relations at College of Communication, held a webinar entitled “Philippine Ads, G KNB?” that talked about the different concepts and the latest blueprints in Digital Advertising, on February 4, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN via Facebook Live.

Following the tv shows and programs concept of the said event, the idea was derived from the famous local game show, “Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba. The program immediately garnered attention from the audience online, officially commenced with the host introduction, doxology, opening remarks from the chairperson and dean, and finally, the official introduction of the game mechanics.

On track with the concept, the program was segmented into three. The first round being called, “Let’s G! A Guide to the Concepts of Digital Ad” discussed by Mr. Amir Tohid focused on the basics of digital advertising. The second segment entitled, “The Game Plan: Winning strategies of Social Media and Content Marketing ” led by Ms. Julianna Carisle Matias concentrated on guides for social media and content marketing. Lastly, “One-on-AD: The final Search for the Concepts of Digital Ad ” talked by Ms. Ayvee Callao tackled SEO, SEM and Google Display Ads.

The whole program was packed with knowledge, fun and surprises as the webinar not only showcased brand new wisdom towards digital advertising through the great speakers but also was able to interact with the audience through exciting games and ‘Q and A’ portions.

Though caught up in a lot of circumstances during the current academic context, the fourth-year students of Advertising and Public Relations at College of Communication, PUP Manila remained unstoppable as they concluded their 18th Ad Congress successfully. ###

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