Bringing Back the Happiness Inside the Classroom

Writer: Loriefy P. Dela Cruz, Teacher I San Roque Elementary School SDO – Cabiao Annex

Filipino people are known to be exuberant people who tend to have a jovial spirit despite the different adversities in life. Tested by time Filipinos became more substantial to face the different hardships along the way. Pliant like the bamboo these people bend and dance with the games of life. These characteristics made Filipino people known around the different parts of the globe. But in a diminutive period of time, in a glance everything changes. The lives of different people from the different parts of the globe were affected with an epidemic wherein in the latter became a pandemic.

The Filipino people together with other people around the globe roused and caught unprepared with an unexpected clash with the unforeseen enemy known as CORONA Virus 2019 (Covid 19). Covid 19 which started as an epidemic became a pandemic which affected the different sectors of the community. It bought a lot of modifications to the lifestyle of the people. The pandemic consumed a lot of things especially to the lives of the marginalized people of the society. Loss of income and job opportunities caused poverty to the lives of many. With these people were forced to do ways and means to lessen the burden caused by the pandemic.

As the pandemic spread out through the different parts the globe and affected the different sectors of the society, the educational sector is one of its severe casualty. Educational institution in the different parts of the country whether public or private were put into a halt to prevent the spread of the virus. The school scenario shifted on how it used to be over a short span of time. The giggles and healthy noises coming from the learner’s eager to learn and explore the world were not heard since then. From what is known as face to face classes wherein the teachers teach the learners and give instructions physically to different learning modalities to answer the call of time. The shifting did not ensue smoothly as the department was caught unprepared. The Department of Education (DepEd) with the help of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and the Department of Health (DOH) scrutinize every angle of the situation to device ways on how to make learning possible amidst the surge of the pandemic.

With this the public schools around the country used the modular distance learning as it will answer the call of time. The said learning modality aimed to instill knowledge to the Filipino learners. With the used of modular distance learning the department was able to ensure the safety of the learners, school personnel, and other stakeholders. Even though the first phase of the said learning modality didn’t ran smoothly the department continuously beheld a lot of improvements with the help of numerous dedicated teachers who untiringly shared their God given talents in different ways. Some became part of the team who dedicated themselves in writing the Self-Learning Modules (SLM), Learning Activity Sheets (LAS) while the others recorded video lessons to help the learners learned the lesson in an enjoyable way.

DepEd came up and promulgated the program known as Academic Ease to help the leaners acquire quality education and the parents as well to instill learning to their own children. The said scenario transpired for two years up to present. The face of the school and classrooms altered over this period of time deafening silence from children’s noises made the school wretched. It is really different from how it used to be. How the teachers longed to hear the children’s laughter and healthy noises. After the long period of time even with the progress of using the modular distance. The need to bring back the usual school scenario onset of limited face to face classes started its kick-off to the different parts the of the country with small number Covid casualties. The implementation of the limited face to face classes became a success ensuring the safety of the learners, parents, stakeholders, and the school community. With this the department began to implement the expansion of the said program.

Once again the laughter, and smiles on the face of the learners were seen, questions that fascinate, and tickle the minds of the learners will be answered now by the teachers who welcome the learners whole-heartedly. The program of the department is a vision an emblem that showed that the country is healing after with the disaster bought by the pandemic. The laughter and healthy noises seen on the face of the learners is a sign of hope amidst the adversity at present. The courage shown by the educators and the learners is a proof that Filipinos possessed the physiognomies of their ancestors who remained optimistic in life. ###

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