Women in Action: A Key in Nation Building

[by Rick Daligdig]

As we look forward to our much-awaited summer months (while we are on Alert 1). We take this opportunity to acknowledge all the women around the world who’s their contribution to shaping our nation, family and history brings a fresh starts to every role they take. As the saying goes “Behind every man’s success is a woman” we cannot discount the support they give in order to attain one’s goal. Women today are given more opportunities in all aspects of education, governance, business world, sports.

In spite of their busy and routine schedules, Women also need to relax and take time for themselves. In a recent online symposium of one of the leading insurance companies; Manulife, Life Coach Carelle Mangaliag – Herrera gives some practical advice and tips to take care of themselves.

Shape the behavior by designing your environment. – So many things that women look into from family matters up to work and business matters. There is so much on their plate that having self-care makes it difficult for them. Although they are much aware that they need to take care of themselves. But they see it as difficult in their perspective, so the life coach tells them “ We don’t have a Knowledge Deficit but rather We have a Behavior Deficit. Ms. Carelle advises the following that can help of;

Make it accessible. – Do it as if you are brushing your teeth or taking a bath.

Create triggers – Plan it. When you will do it? How long you will do it.

Make 2-minute versions – how? You want to read a book? Then practice it to read at least two pages a day. 2 min. Breath exercises. 2min jumpin’ jack Make it a routine.

Create a Specific time and place. – morning, afternoon, before going to bed? Gym, backyard, house?

Generate positive emotions – find your support systems.

Engage what you are good at – are you good in cooking? Singing? Gardening?

Maintain Positive relationships – as much as possible don’t burn bridges.

Seeking your Meaning – what is worth? What is your purpose in life?

Celebrate Accomplishments – whether how big or small it is, still, it’s an accomplishment and it deserves a celebration.

To Women all over the World, Happy Women’s Month.

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