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Beauty Talks, a new section at Diyaryo Milenyo

Dr. Angela Pineda, M.D, the President of Dermclinic, and undoubtedly an authority in the field of dermatology, is set to share important advice and information to the public about hair and skin care through “Beauty Talks”, a new section here at Diyaryo Milenyo.

Doc Angel, as her patients, and colleagues fondly call her, is passionate about healthy skin and compassionate even to her patients’ skincare needs. She readily goes above and beyond to address her patients needs — whether face-to-face or online consultations.

As beauty guru, the public can expect to benefit from her expertise and the tips and advices on health and wellness, latest in dermatology, skin and hair advice, and everything else about being beautiful inside out

As a resource person for this new section, the public will not only learn so much from her tips on beauty and dermatology, but they will surely love it. We want to welcome Dr. Angela Pineda to Diyaryo Milenyo despite her busy schedules, she will take the time to give her beautiful advice to our readers.

Dr. Pineda is determined to bring to the table more ideas on beauty and wellness. Experience expert-level skin and hair care tips and products guided by a trusted Dermatologist such as Dr. Pineda. #DM

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