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The Hand of ‘Dirty Politics’ from Somewhere

[by Danilo P. Cruz]

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso is at it again. If “true public servants” had listened to him and saw that the presidential elections next month was something of a “supreme sacrifice” to just withdraw, they would not have suffered the consternation of defeat.

These deserve some answer even if I risk adding to his dozen or so followers.

He could have told us what was wrong with Leni Robredo continuing what she started years ago? Not at all. How could he have told us what was wrong with Robredo not withdrawing when he never knew what was right with her? How can he tell us, or the Vice President herself, to withdraw as a sign of “supreme sacrifice,” when he cannot tell the same to the other tailenders of the presidential race?

Any math teacher will tell you Yorme that the important thing is not the answer but the solution. You have the right answer but the wrong solution, and the teacher will cross ❌ out your answer. With reason: You are no nearer to understanding the real meaning of public service than when you began. I wonder how you got through schooling.

And the best way to “teach” us is by example. Example is the best teacher of all. You have a teacher who is always drunk, who harasses students and who skips classes, no amount of lecturing by him on civics and ethics is going to stick. You have a government that lies, cheats and steals, no amount of talk by it about unity and solidarity is going to stick.

When parents are a bad influence on their kids, other countries cut them off from their children, remanding the kids to the custody of child welfare. I don’t see why, when government is a bad influence on its citizens, we do not boot it out of sight and remand the citizens to the custody of public welfare. ###

[Photo courtesy: ABS-CBN.NEWS]

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