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UPLB SChemES Introduces the New Board of Examiners with Meet the New Board

The UPLB Society of Chemical Engineering Students will be conducting Meet the New Board on April 25, Monday at 1pm via Zoom and Facebook Livestream.

This annual event is facilitated by PRC’s Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam Board of Examiners to give chemical engineering graduates a glimpse of the Chemical Engineering Licensure Examination.

The forum will dwell on the possible scope of the Chemical Engineering Licensure Examination, chemical engineering law, and possible career opportunities in the field, in line with the UPLB SChemES’ objective to cater to chemical engineering students and to provide them the valuable information and professional growth opportunities in preparation for the licensure examination.

Furthermore, this event wishes to introduce the new board members, namely, Hon. Shirlyn B. Chua-Reyes (Board Member), and Hon. Cezar S. De La Cruz (Board Member), who, together with Dr. Ofelia V. Bulaong (Chairperson), will provide firsthand mentorship to our participants.

The registration for the Zoom meeting for the event has officially been closed but participants may still watch the Facebook Livestream in the official Facebook page of UPLB SChemES:

Let the UPLB SChemES show you a new path to victory with a new phase of Meet the Board.

Lead. Dominate. Take the MTB Edge.

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