In Focus SIGN OF THE CRUZ by: Danilo P. Cruz

Nat’l Problems with New, Out-of-the-Box Solutions

IT WOULD TAKE MORE than a change in the national leadership to create a generation of change and effectiveness in Philippine society.

Equipping our young people with the knowledge on how to solve old problems with new and out-of-the-box solutions plus several tangible steps on how to practice transparency, accountability and people’s participation are the essential components of a successful national effort at least of profound change if not an epochal one.

Nowadays, our young leaders face a lot of critics; some would say that they are just fruits from the branch of professional political families and others would say that they are just the stepping stone to enter into politics without the intention of actual public service.

We have had decades of electing our leaders and every time we hold elections, a few of them stand out as promising individuals, but almost all of those we elect are just experts in lip service. Nothing in our government changes, the politicians win, but our people never do.

The mechanics on how to create a generation of change are too well known to political scientists. Going into social entrepreneurship is one, though it is not just making money but also in creating social change. One way aspiring new leaders can get involved is through the “private-public-social enterprise partnership.” Through this, everyone in the community can contribute and even promote our own Filipino brands and products, and create local jobs for our constituents that can contribute to economic growth and development.

Another is local education reform. “Poverty, despite all the years of having been governed by different leaders, is still a national problem, and this is because of the lack of attention in basic education. The problem of education, mind you, cannot be solved by the Department of Education alone, but can be tackled through the help of the community which is headed by well-meaning and patriotic local leaders.”

Ultimately, it will be our young leaders of today that will inherit the mantle of leadership in the country. We can train and educate them into becoming effective, ethical and empowering leaders that win not only elections but in governing as well.**

*Written by Danilo P. Cruz & written for Diyaryo Milenyo Digital News.

[A seasoned journalist, Mr. DPC was an instrumental cog in the information and public affairs machinery of former PFVR in his days at the Department of National Defense. A newspaperman with stints in the Manila Chronicle, Manila Bulletin and the Press Foundation of Asia (PFA), he continues to write for the Manila Bulletin, Kalayaan Ngayon and DiyaryoMilenyo.]

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