The Importance of In-Service Training to Teachers in Our School System

Fely Rose H. Gutierrez,
Cuyapo National High School Teacher III

An in-service program is a professional training for the improvement, growth and development of a teacher. It is also an opportunity among workmates to discuss their work with others within their peer group. Generally, for an in-service program, speakers or trainers are practically coming from the same group of individuals to which the training is to be facilitated. Therefore, the program is also a privilege for one to share among peers whatever can be imparted as matters of both professional growth and personal development.

For a professional training to be legitimate, the speaker or trainer should not be only paper qualified but also literally capable of and proficient with whatever competency is to be dealt with or tackled. Any staff development program will only turn our success if every participant will be provided sufficient motivation for them to take full and active participation. It is really a must that every in-service program participant be highly and productively active throughout.

Normally or usually, it is about work mainly that is being tackled for an in-service program, however, a myriad of other matters can be dealt with and it is greatly dependent on the diversity of topics for which in-service program participants can be more benefited. There is an advantage of an in-service program as compared with the other developmental programs intended for professional growth and personal development. This advantage is the fact that an in-service program is meant to cater to workmates or professional peers. This kind of scenario ensures that there is productive intimacy throughout the session and there will be no emanating apprehensions and no occurrences of intimidation, whatsoever.

An in–service training program is usually organized every year to orient newcomers and to reorient the old-timers. They are scheduled in such a way that after a national or regional program for a definite area or objective has been held, re-echoing of seminars is conducted in divisions and schools. The nature of the programs varies from year to year and are tailored to the needs of the teachers as well as the school system. Being an annual endeavor or a yearly undertaking, in-service training programs are a usual part of school calendars.

Most of the time, such training programs are even held or conducted twice a year – during the mid-year break right before the opening of the following semester and during the summer break just before the opening of classes. Such schedules are intentionally chosen so that all needs can be addressed within the middle of the concurrent school year and upon the opening of the following academic year. Such a time scheme is chosen since problems usually arise every time as well as from time to time, and are requiring or needing prompt actions or quick solutions.

The purposes of in–service education are the following: (1) To promote the continuous professional improvement of the staff of the school system. (2) To involve in a participative and collaborative learning in teaching profession. (3) To keep professionals abreast of new knowledge. (4) To unleash creative activities. (5) To give the much-needed support to the teachers who are entering a responsibility or a new field of work, especially the new teachers.

Promoting the continuous professional improvement of the staff of the school system is one primary and foremost goal of the in-service training program. It is essentially vital that the welfare and well-being of the workforce are prioritized over other matters because when people are in excellent state of being it follows that their work output is also superb. Eliminating deficiencies in the background preparation of teachers and other professional workers in education will result in the corresponding upgrading of the competencies of educators within the academe who are well competent, knowledgeable and skillful. Attaining such a journey will eradicate the incompetency that hampers further growth and development among people. Keeping professionals abreast of new knowledge will make them influential to others thereby making them ideal instruments of effective knowledge transfer.

Unleashing creative activities will make one discover his or her own potentials that he or she can further cultivate, harness, and enhance so that such can be benefited from and not just recognized and appreciated. Giving the much-needed support to the teachers who are entering a responsibility or a new field of work will not just provide them the warmth of acceptance which they definitely need but will also sustain a fiery passion for them to keep on fighting each day as they battle challenges in everyday work.

All in-service program trainings are meant to bring out the best in every participant so they may discover what they are capable of and what they are proficient with. Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses will certainly improve an individual’s capability, competency and potential. Whatever is lacking in one person can be patched up with further learning and upgraded training. For this reason, in-service training programs are indeed a major solution so people may become more productive and useful individuals. Both capability and proficiency count when it comes to the performance of work duties and other obligations within the workplace or even outside of the workplace as long as matters are concerned with work. Developing the proper attitude toward work is one target result of any in-service training program.

In-service training programs, having the aim of orienting newcomers, are designed to answer all blank areas or gray areas that cause hesitance, anxiety, and even uncertainty. With the corresponding alignment of training programs with the actual needs of newcomers, there is a guarantee that every matter concerning work will be properly addressed. As for the old-timers, they will be enlightened on certain matters so they may work more correspondingly well and in congruence with the usual practice along with well-accepted changes and modifications. Indeed, “The Importance of In-Service Training to Teachers in Our School System” is one thing that should be given top priority by every school leader or academic institution manager within the academe. ###

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