In Focus OPINION SIGN OF THE CRUZ by: Danilo P. Cruz

Perceptions of Ultimate Victory, or Defeat

THE DETERMINATION of what is rational or not — there may also be some difficulty in some cases in identifying what is heroic — depends largely on the human mind, and the mind can be very deceptive because it is agile and diverse, not to say free, free within one’s own cultural limitations, although culture to some extent can be transcended. Christianity, for example, may seem to be very irrational, but to many it is the most rational thing in human existence, as we shall discuss in another Post with reference to perceptions of ultimate victory or defeat.

Moreover, although the mind is free — within its own realities, we must never tire of repeating, and the realities that it knows are infinitesimal compared to the realities that it does not know — it is also constricted, whether culturally or in its capacity for pure reason. The mind, in spite of its power, is helpless in the face of contradictions, which could be its own creation — so oftentimes it indulges in them.

Jesus of Nazareth is said to have been preordained in his “Sign of Contradiction,” meaning the cross, composed simply of two wooden bars contradicting each other at right angles; nothing is more contradictory than perpendicularity. There has been much debate on who was the realist or idealist between Rizal and Bonifacio, but this could be inane as it stands since the terms must first be defined, and definition in turn depends on ideational atomics, which oftentimes cannot be reconciled.** ###

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