THERE IS A DRUG that addles the brain more thoroughly than Ecstasy, Ecstasy only giving its user to feel the pangs of love or lust. There is a drug that sends people on longer and farther power trips than shabu, shabu only lasting a few days and rendering their users impotent afterwards. There is a drug that is far more addictive than heroin, no amount of rehabilitation being able to cure it.

That drug is corruption.

Corruption is the most dangerous drug of all in this country. It gives the user to feel not only the pangs of lust or love of money; it sends the user to longer and farther power trips, making them feel like they deserve to rule forever; it is the most addictive drug of all, and one, quite unfortunately, that does NOT kill the user, only everyone around him, or her.

It is no small irony — indeed it is a sublimely poetic one — that Vice President Leni Robredo as requested last year by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte to take on drug pushers and users and ended up in two weeks’ time on big-time drug dealers close to people in power. At the very least, you can’t have a brain more addled by drugs — in more ways than one — than these people. And you can’t have veins more addicted to constant injections of power than those of the Big Boss.

What can I say? Never mind the Big Boss, Vice President Leni Robredo — the ultimate anti-drug czar.**

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