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Rubik’s – Beyond Axiom: PUP Industrial Engineering Annual Convention 2022

Themed “Rubik’s – Beyond Axiom: Discovering Limitless Algorithms of Success, the PUP graduating Industrial Engineering students takes pride to present and resume the annual IE convention. The 3-day event will be a series of seminars, workshops, activities, and programs aimed to enlighten participants’ understanding of critical Industrial Engineering ideas and concepts and to help prepare students for their future careers after graduation. It will further enhance the critical thinking and analysis of the participants for them to create decisive plans when solving a “puzzle” or challenges they may encounter in their career. Beyond Axiom will be conducted online and free of charge via Zoom platform and Facebook live for the benefit of students in the PUP, from different universities and other professional institutions. 

Rubik’s cube may look like a simple toy puzzle but it requires complex strategies and technique for it to be solved. A multitude of solutions exist to solve the puzzle but it is up to the player which solution they will pick and how they will execute it. It is similar to how Industrial Engineers operate in the professional industry, they analyze a problem then discover the simplest and most efficient answer to success. 

One of the encountered challenges of IE students is the lack of experience in the professional field as the provisions for the ‘on-the-job’ training are held purely online. Despite what happened, the event “Beyond Axiom” will greatly solve the gap of experience IE students are craving. The first day of the event focuses on familiarizing IE students with critical IE tools, the second day centers around preparing students for their future project feasibility projects and the last day is the culmination of shared experiences of PUP IE Alumni in their field of expertise.  

“Beyond Axiom” entails programs such as the seven IE Tools and Project Feasibility Exhibit  that strengthen the natural traits needed for being an IE practitioner. Participants are  allowed to speak with the hosts after the discussion regarding their experiences, challenges and other questions about walking the path of Industrial Engineering. Furthermore participants can also win exciting prizes through the activities and raffle making it fun for everyone while still testing their knowledge about Industrial Engineering. 

Beyond Axiom will be on June 30, 2022, July 1, 2022 and July 2, 2022. Register for free at For any inquiries, you may contact Beyond Axiom organizers at Please check our social media pages to keep you updated about the event, on Facebook (, Instagram ( and Twitter ( 

Brace yourselves as we discover more of life’s puzzles beyond what we can perceive. See you there!

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