[by Danilo P. Cruz]

AT NO TiME in the history of our country have we witnessed actuations of leaders like those in photos below and expressed by no less than the wife of President-elect Bongbong Marcos Jr., former President Digong Duterte, former presidential spokesman Harry Roque and another lady unbecoming.

But more than their “shameless attitudes,” I also take particular attention to the three “ty’s” — honesty, integrity, verity. The three aforementioned personalities were lawyers but education mind you shouldn’t just impart skills, it should impart values. And the best way to teach that is by example.

Example is the best teacher of all. You have a teacher who is always drunk, who harasses students and who skips classes, no amount of lecturing by him on civics and ethics is going to stick. You have a government that lies, cheats and steals, no amount of talk by it about unity and solidarity is going to stick.

When parents are a bad influence on their kids, other countries cut them off from their children, remanding the kids to the custody of child welfare. I don’t see why, when government is a bad influence on its citizens, we do not boot it out of sight and remand the citizens to the custody of public welfare.

For our country to live up to its old glory, the present situation must not continue. Actuations like those shown by those four people make our people irritable. “O shame, where is thy blush?” asked the Prince of Denmark, a.k.a. Hamlet.**

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