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PUP Industrial Engineering Annual Convention 2022: Rubik’s Beyond Axiom

After being put on-hold for one academic year because of the pandemic, the IEAC was finally pushed-through and reacheed its conclusion. Themed “Rubik’s-Beyond Axiom: Discovering Limitless Algorithms of Success”, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Industrial Engineering Annual Convention (PUP – IEAC) 2022 finally completed the 3-day webinar and training. This free event scheduled June 30, July 1 and July 2, 2022 held through Zoom cloud meeting platform and Facebook live were attended by the whole Industrial Engineering community of PUP and other participating universities. 

To discover ways, develop expertise, and analyze situations in the simplest ways is what refines an Industrial Engineer. A significant role to improve the system for the human environment. These systems improve by solving its Challenges with the combination of efficiency and effectiveness, like the Rubik’s Cube.

“Beyond Axiom” was a 3-day event on which the first day centered on IE Tools Workshop. It consisted of different workshops aiming to detail the importance and function of different IE tools on solving challenges in the professional world. It also discussed important topics such as Lean Six Sigma, Time Study and Inventory Management to name a few, which are necessary for honing the skill set required for a competent Industrial Engineer. 

The second day event focused on Project Feasibility Exhibit. The mission of the second day event was for the participants to be familiar with the key aspects needed for engaging on a project feasibility study which all IE students will encounter.

For the first time of all IE Conventions in PUP, the first virtual PUP Homecoming Alumni took place on the last day of “Beyond Axiom”. Pre-recorded and edited short clips of interviews with certain PUP IE alumni were played at various times throughout the day. The objective of the third day event was to share the experiences, growth and struggles of IE professionals in their respective field and line of specialization.  It gave an overview to the participants on how IE works in real life and on what to expect after graduation. 

This event would not have been as successful if it weren’t for the project heads of the event, support of partner schools and organizations, advisers, speakers, sponsors, official media partner and the participants of the event. The joy and accomplishment someone feels after completing their first Rubik’s Cube can be compared to the feeling after finishing this event. However it must not stop from that. We must continuously pursue and hone our skills to be greater than who we are yesterday. Indeed, the 3-day convention was Beyond Axioms. For more events like this, you may follow the IEAC official social media pages on Facebook (, Instagram (  and Twitter ( Rubik’s Beyond Axiom organizers may also be contacted at for other concerns and inquiries. 

We would also like to thank Diyaryo Milenyo as the PUP IEAC 2022’s Major Media Partner.

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