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VLC’s in-demand Paralegal Certification Seminar is back!

Training and Seminars by Villasis Law Center (VLC) will launch again its most requested online seminar entitled “Paralegal Certification Seminar: English for Future Lawyers, Drafting of Legal Forms, Pleading and Basic Court Procedure” on August 30 & 31, 2022, via Zoom.

The upcoming seminar will be led by law professor and Bar reviewer Prof. Roney Jone P. Gandeza and VLC’s Review Director, Assoc. Dean Christian G. Villasis–one of the country’s sought-after lecturers in the MCLE Seminars and a favorite resource speaker in special seminars and conferences.

The main focus of the Paralegal Certification Seminar is to provide a comprehensive discussion on fundamental and practical knowledge of the Philippine legal system and an overview of principles and procedures in civil, criminal, and quasi-judicial courts or offices of the Philippine government. Further, the seminar will introduce the use of plain English in drafting pleadings and other legal forms and will help participants prepare cases for courtroom litigation and understand complex fact patterns, jurisprudence, and legal research.

In detail, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the use of plain English to communicate effectively,
  • understand the basic principles and procedures in the Philippine legal system,
  • learn the common responsibilities and duties of paralegals within the Philippine legal system, and
  • analyze, and evaluate common conflict areas in paralegal work; recommend law-based resolutions, and process everyday legal transactions with trial courts and government agencies.

Training and Seminars by Villasis Law Center (VLC) invite everyone to join this most in-demand online lecture, especially law students, paralegals, lawyers, legal researchers/staff, court staff, and government employees. The online seminar is ideal for participants looking to join the legal field as paralegals or those who want to increase their knowledge and skills.

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